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Surprise in the Douro Valley

Auction of Douro Boys Cuvée 2005 exceeds all expectations


There were 60 buyers present at the auction of 500 Magnums of Douro Boys Cuvée, which was recently held in the new and stylish Aquapura Hotel Douro Valley. Also, more than 20 companies and collectors from all over the world participated in the auction live via telephone. And many others had already submitted their written bids before the auction date. But nobody – and definitely not the Douro Boys themselves – expected what happened on November 30th 2007!

Douro Boys Cuvee 2005 © Douro Boys
Cuvee 2005 © Douro Boys

A milestone in the history of the Douro… and of Portugal

“We reached a medium price of approximately 380 Euros per Magnum!” said an excited Cristiano van Zeller, from Quinta do Vale D. Maria. “This is actually nearly three times higher than what we expected!”

“The auction is a milestone in the history of the Douro, and important for all Portugal”, reflected Dirk van der Niepoort. “We have 2000 years of viticulture tradition in the Douro, but only short experience in the production of table wines. The result of the auction demonstrates that Douro and Portugal already belong to the top wine regions of the world.” 

Douro Boys Miguel Roquette Xito Olazabal Francisco Ferreira Dirk Niepoort Christiano van Zeller © Douro Boys
Douro Boys Miguel Roquette Xito Olazabal Francisco Ferreira Dirk Niepoort Christiano van Zeller © Douro Boys

The Douro Boys Cuvée is a blend created by assembling the best filled barrique of each of the five Douro Boys Quintas (Quinta do Vale Meão, Quinta do Vale D. Maria, Quinta do Crasto, Niepoort and Quinta do Vallado). “This is a unique wine, made to celebrate the five years of existence of our group,” explained Francisco (Vito) Olazabal, who owns Quinta do Vale Meão. “It won’t be repeated, and the number of bottles launched – Magnums only – is limited to 500.

Of the 500 Magnums

391 were acquired by Portuguese companies and wine collectors

84 by customers in Macau

15 by Dutch customers

3 by Norwegian customers

3 by Swedish customers

Top Hammer Prices

The highest prices were paid for lot number 12 (60 Magnums of Douro Boys Cuvée 2005, plus 6 Magnums of Quinta do Crasto Maria Teresa 2003), which achieved a hammer price of € 17,000; and lot number 29 (60 Magnums of Douro Boys Cuvée 2005, plus one 0.75 l bottle of Niepoort Vintage Port 1945), which was sold for € 22,000. For a detailed list of the lots and the final prices paid for them, please check

Douro Boys Douro Tal ©Douro Boys
Douro Valley © Douro Boys

Christie’s in the Douro Valley

Peter Mansell, Associate Director of Christie’s International Wine Department, who hosted the Auction at Aquapura Hotel is impressed: This is an excellent result. Bidding was fierce between the room and the telephones resulting in some outstanding prices. The quality of the wine offered and the level of interest in the sale shows that the Douro fully deserves its place in the higher echelons of quality wine producing regions.”

The earnings from the auction will be invested in joint events, tastings and activities that will further promote the Douro and its great wines. “The Cuvée and its launch were planned as a fund raising project, as our family companies are very limited in terms of marketing budgets.” said Jorge Roquette, owner of Quinta do Crasto. The sensational result of this auction will help us during the next year.”

Preserve the Douro’s Beauty

“We think that the Douro has great potential, not only for outstanding wines, but also for high-end tourism.” stated João Ferreira Alvares Ribeiro, owner of Quinta do Vallado. “This is why we constantly search for synergies with the leading touristic places in the Valley and welcome all projects that celebrate the Douro as something special and exclusive, such as do the Aquapura Hotel, Vintage House, Chanceleiros, the new DOC Restaurant, the charming Casas do Coro, the new luxury hotel Quinta da Romaneira and, of course, the Country Hotel of Quinta do Vallado. Together with quality- conscious hoteliers and restaurateurs, we will keep on promoting the Douro Valley as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places whose beauty needs to be preserved.”

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