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Gault-Millau’s 2013 Guide to German Wines has chosen Karsten Peter and Gut Hermannsberg as

Rising Star of the Year!


Gut Hermannsberg just collected one of the most coveted awards on the German wine-scene! Hot off the press and available now, the 2013 Gault-Millau Guide to German Wines rated Gut Hermannsberg 4 Grapes (out of 5) and chose them as Rising Star of the YearKarsten Peter is the man who vinifies the harvest from the estate’s extraordinary vineyard sites into brilliant and long-lived Rieslings.

Gut Hermannsberg Gault Millau Team ©Armin Faber
Jens Reidel, Karsten Peter, Dr. Christine Dinse and Hagen Rüdlin are delighted about the Gault&Millau award "Rising Star of the year" © Armin Faber

Gault-Millau editor Joel Payne waxes rather enthusiastic, reporting:
The quality of the wines doesn’t show itself only in the two outstanding Auslesen from the Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube, which are among the best in all of Germany—and not only in the nobly sweet wines, or the Grosses Gewächs. It’s also apparent in the more modestly positioned Riesling Steinterrassen, which is better than many Grosses Gewächs. These folks just keep getting better; each collection is better than the one from the previous year.

The results from Gault-Millau Wine Guide 2013

2011 Riesling Steinterrassen 90 Points
2011 Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling “Großes Gewächs” 91 Points
2011 Niederhäuser Hermannsberg Riesling “Großes Gewächs” 91 Points
2011 Traiser Bastei Riesling “Großes Gewächs” 92 Points
2011 Niederhäuser Steinberg Riesling Spätlese 90 Points
2011 Altenbamberger Rotenberg Riesling Spätlese 91 Points
2011 Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Auslese 94 Points
2011 Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel 94 Points
2011 Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Beerenauslese 95 Points
90-94: Excellent
95-99: Outstanding

Gut Hermannsberg 2011 Kupfergrube Auslese ©Gut Hermannsberg
2011 Kupfergrube Auslese

Headed Straight for the Top

Just like the impressively steep vineyard sites of the estate, the path to success for Gut Hermannsberg is pointed upwards at a dramatic angle. Step by step, under the new ownership of Jens Reidel and Dr Christine Dinse, there have been so many improvements made in the vineyards and cellar that the sharp rise in quality could not fail to be noticed by the folks in the wine scene. This impressive formula for success is grounded in the estate’s immeasurably valuable vineyard sites, like the ideally exposed, steeply sloped Niederhäuser Hermannsberg and Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergube. All of the vineyardsowned by Gut Hermannsberg have been rated Erste Lage by the VDP; fascinating sites, with their ideal microclimates and variegated soil-types, which consistently prove themselves ideal for the production of vibrant and exceptional Rieslings. But Gut Hermannsberg certainly must also thank an individual named Karsten Peter for their recent impressive renaissance. The 36-year old cellar master is without question currently numbered among the most interesting and most talented winemakers in all of Germany. He’s a sophisticated Riesling specialist, who is capable of bringing the finest in aromas and flavours out of the grapes grown on these hillsides along the Nahe River, encouraging the unique and peerless vineyards to shine forth.

Gut Hermannsberg Gault Millau Karsten Joel Payne Carsten Henn ©Armin Faber
From left to right.: Joel Payne (Herausgeber Gault&Millau Weinguide), Karsten Peter (Gut Hermannsberg) und Carsten Henn (Redaktion Gault&Millau Weinguide) © Armin Faber

Karsten Peter

Karsten Peter comes from a winegrowing family in Bad Dürkheim, but a glance at his résumé shows that his career didn’t keep him in the Pfalz for long. The trail of his journeyman years led him to Burgundy, Australia, New Zealand—and finally back home to Germany. Karsten has been responsible for the wines of Gut Hermannsberg since 2009, leading his team in both vineyards and cellar. Herr Peter vinifies Rieslings that show a breathtaking vivacity; carefully acknowledging the unique character of the individual parcels, he is able to realise an ideal expression of each particular soil type and microclimate. His results, in the opinion of the current Gault-Millau Guide to German Wine, rank consistently in the upper echelons, from the basic Estate Riesling through the Spätlesen and Auslesen all the way up to the Grosses Gewächs.

Vivid impressions of the first two vintages serve to more than confirm that the characteristics of the individual sites are better understood with each successive harvest.— Joel Payne.

Gut Hermannsberg, previously known as the Königlich-Preussische Weinbaudomäne (the Staatsdomäne Nahe, in popular parlance), was still considered among the best wine estates of Germany into the 1960s and 70s. In 2009, Dr Christine Dinse and Jens Reidel awakened the estate out of its Sleeping Beauty slumber, determined to restore it step by step to its former lustre.

We are working persistently and systematically toward the goal of bringing our vineyards better into natural balance, and with this to continually refine the stylistic expression of our wines. — Karsten Peter

The Guest House

Over the past couple years the former administration building has been carefully restored and reconfigured, with a careful feel for tradition and style. Located amidst the vineyards, it offers the perfect retreat for relaxation and enjoyment. Seven inviting rooms—five of them suites—are available to guests, each with modern bath, balcony and private terrace-area. Gourmet packages emphasising wellness, fitness or golf offer something for everybody, and beckon with exciting recreational opportunities. And of course there is a wine tasting included in the room rate, along with an extensive breakfast buffet. Hotel Manager Konstanze Lange is responsible for the comfort of the guests, and is pleased to fulfill individual desires.

Gut Hermannsberg, A Vineyard Goes Down in History

Dr. Christine Dinse, along with Jens Reidel co-owner of Gut Hermannsberg since 2009, was fascinated by the historical artifacts that she found in the cabinets at the estate. Starting with this, she researched archives and offices all over Germany, interviewing eyewitnesses and collecting documents. As a result, she composed the book Gut Hermannsberg, A Vineyard Goes Down in History, which goes far beyond the borders of the wine estate itself, describing in an exciting fashion world affairs, German viticulture, and a wide variety of authentic life stories from the eleven decades of the estate’s history.

Gut Hermannsberg Weingut Herbst ©Nils Weiler
Vineyards around Gut Hermannsberg © Johannes Grau
Gut Hermannsberg Logo Große Unterzeile 2012 ©Gut Hermannsberg
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