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ProWein is an anchor point on the calendar of the wine industry. It’s only for three days, but they are filled with significant amounts of new information and experiences. It is therefore important to plan meetings well and precisely. You can find our tips here…

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New at Wine&Partners:


Almásy Collection
Hall 17 Booth F18

The ‘Almásy Collection’ is making its ProWein debut: ten wines originating between the Carpathians and the Alps, between the Danube and the Mediterranean, vinified from indigenous varieties in regions of the former Danubian Monarchy: from Harslevelü & Fetească Neagră to Grüner Veltliner & Zweigelt. The portfolio has been selected by Sarah Heller MW (Hong Kong). The inspiration comes from the noble Hungarian family Almásy, and from Matthias Krön, who caused quite a stir with his Eisenberg concept ‘Groszer Wein’. The Almásy family has lived at Schloss Bernstein since 1892 and can look back on a long family history. One of the ancestors, László Almásy, was a renowned researcher of his time, and model for one of the primary characters in the film The English Patient. Please arrange an appointment with Victoria Todt.


Hall 17 Booth F04

The sophisticated Blaufränkisch style of the Eisenberg, characterised by ferrous soils and cool temperatures, does not really lend itself to early consumption. The specific characteristics of origins on the Eisenberg are expressed even more clearly by the Ortswein (villages wine) and single vineyard wines. Nine estates from Eisenberg will be presenting their first Ortsweine from 2017 at ProWein. Please arrange an appointment with Bettina Bäck.



Hall 17 Booth F26

‘You can taste Leithaberg’ – every winegrower in the region is sure of this. But why is this the case? The Leitha limestone with its slate subsoil at the foot of the warming Neusiedlersee, with the cooling woodlands on its other side: Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC wines are characterised by a unique dynamic tension composed of spice, fruit, freshness & elegance. Leithaberg DAC growers will be showing the wide contrasting spectrum of their region’s expressions of Blaufränkisch in a tasting ‘from east to west’. Please arrange an appointment with Sabrina Schützhofer.


Hall 17 Booth F10

If you want to get to know one of the craziest and most passionate distillers of Austrian whiskeys and rums, you should make an appointment with David Gölles. The young thirty-year-old son of the famous Styrian schnapps & vinegar pioneer Alois Gölles has been working intensively on different techniques of distillation and ageing during the past four years. You can experience it for yourself, this amazing brand new series that David will release to the market in the spring, here at his booth as a ‘pre-première’. Appointments, please, with Andrea Schultes.


Weingut Herbert Zillinger
Hall 17 Booth E04

Much of what Herbert Zillinger does not exactly conform to the conventions of his homeland, the Weinviertel. He prefers to follow his intuitions, to express the individuality of his vineyards as authentically as possible in the wines. He observes the course of nature, examines it closely and responds meticulously. Weingut Herbert and Carmen Zillinger is located in Ebenthal, some 70 km northeast of Vienna, today one of the leading estates in the Weinviertel and the biodynamic pioneer of the region. The estate has been a member of the growers’ group respekt-biodyn since 2016. Appointments, please, with Victoria Todt.

Young ideas of our old favourites:

Wines of Alentejo Landschaft 2016 © Jerónimo Heitor Coelho


Wines of Alentejo
Hall 10 Booth E06

Onward to Alentejo! Caro Maurer will be presenting her most exciting discoveries from this southern Portuguese winegrowing region at ProWein on Sunday & Monday. On Sunday at 12.00, 14.00 & 16.00 three guided tastings will be given, plus two on Monday (10.00 & 13.00) On Tuesday, David Schwarzwälder will explain the latest trends and developments at 10.00. These tastings will take place in Hall 10 / E706, each one with 20 seats available. All masterclasses can be found here! Attendance only with registration! Contact



Hannes Sabathi
Hall 17 Booth D40

‘The Sabathi with the roots’ vinifies Sauvignon Blanc for advanced aficionados, from various soils in the Südsteiermark, and in different types of élevage, in a manner both playful and precise. Hannes is bringing two brand new items to ProWein: 2018 Sauvignon Blanc Leutschach, a new Ortswein of substantial depth, as well as the 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Dirnbeck, a barrel sample of the new vineyard, and showing remarkable character. And of course, the master’s top of the line: 2015 Sauvignon Blanc Reserve. Please arrange an appointment with Bettina Bäck.



Groszer Wein
Hall 17 Booth F18

An undisturbed, quiet area, its soil laced with freshwater opals formed 7-8 million years ago when the ground was still the bed of a freshwater lake: this is the Csaterberg in Südburgenland. This idiosyncratic hillside at 415 metres elevation is a true gem of the winemaking tradition, whose vineyards were already mentioned in official records from the sixteenth century! Old vines are planted primarily in slate and weathered slate soils on steep slopes difficult to cultivate. This is where Groszer Wein’s ‘Csaterberg white‘ (Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Weissburgunder & Sauvignon Blanc) is grown. Contact: Victoria Todt.



Domaines Kilger
Hall 17 Booth B42 & F14

All Blauer Wildbachers are not created equal! In recent years, Domaines Kilger have already broken new ground with their distinctive rosés vinified from this idiosyncratic and highly interesting grape variety. Now they are bringing an impressive series of sparkling wines to ProWein, which ingeniously underscore the exciting potential of the variety. Plus, at F14 in Hall 17, the booth of ‘Schiefer & Domaines Kilger’, Uwe Schiefer will be presenting the sophisticated red wines of Domaines Kilger. Please arrange an appointment with Bettina Bäck.



Weingut am Nil
Hall 13 Booth C119

Can terroir also be tasted in sparkling wine? The vineyard site is certainly world famous, but there has been never a sparkling wine from the Kallstadter Saumagen. That is, until now. Because at ProWein, Johannes Häge – cellar master at Weingut am Nil in the Pfalz – will be opening at few bottles of this rare delicacy for the first time, to impressively demonstrate how sparkling wines can indeed express terroir. Please, contact Anna Hochdörffer.



Douro Boys
Hall 10 Booth H21

Douro White – new kids on the block!

Here in seminar-format, the Douro Boys will be presenting white wines with marvellous freshness, acidity & longevity. Seating limited! Without exception, attendees will be limited to those who have registered; contact: If you’d like to delve deeper into the subject, and to try their award-winning red wines and Ports, you can do so at the Douro Boys’ booth (H10 / G22–30)Please arrange an appointment with Andrea Schultes.



Weingut Blankenhorn
Hall 14 Booth A49

The young estate Blankenhorn in Markgräflerland will be presenting the entire world of the grape variety Gutedel: ranging from their young & fresh Gutedel estate wine up to the sophisticated Chasselas bottlings «Le Clocher» & «Courage». Martin Männer & Yvonne Kessler will be revealing the great potential of this underrated grape variety. – Plus, brand new for ProWein: Gutedel Pet-Nat! Please arrange an appointment with Anna Hochdörffer.



François Lurton
Hall 11 Booth A28

He is not only a winemaker and proprietor of wineries on two continents, but a pioneer as well! In 1995 Lurton acquired a tract of land called ‘Los Chacayes’ at the foot of the Andes Mountains. At that time, not a single grape vine was to be seen, neither far nor wide. A short year later, he had already planted 136 hectares. What started as ‘only’ the name of a wine has now become a protected designation of origin (GI). Of course, Lurton will present a selection from various vintages of this distinctive certified-organic wine! Register with Andrea Schultes.


Kellerei Tramin
Hall 15 Booth G71

At Kellerei Tramin, things are moving fast and furiously: after 100 Parker points for Epokale 2009 – the spectacular Gewürztraminer matured in a mining tunnel – cellarmaster Willi Stürz will now present his Alpine Chardonnay Troy, grown high above Tramin on the eastern side of the Mendola Massif. Wine critics attest to the wine’s ‘unusual freshness, great elegance & brilliant coolness.’ Make an appointment with Ute Watzlawick.


Rubin Carnuntum Wine Estates
Hall 17 Booth 08

As the newest members of the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter, the Rubin Carnuntum estates will be presenting their wines at ProWein for the first time together with the other ÖTW regions Danube and Wien – and will therefore also find themselves at a new location in Hall 17. Tasting will take place at the specially designed Lagen-Bar, featuring the predecessor vintage to the initial ’Erste Lagen’ wine, which will be released for the first time in autumn. Appointments with Anna Hochdörffer, please.


Viña Montes
Hall 9 Booth F77

Black Prince, Blue Imperial, Espagne, Madiran du Portugal: these are but a few of the fifty-some-odd synonyms for the grape variety Cinsault. There are 100-year-old vines growing in the Chilean Valle Bio Bio, which have attracted Aurelio Montes’s attention. He has demonstrated his enthusiasm for the variety by adding it to the ‘Montes Outer Limits’ line. Montes Outer Limits Cinsault Old Roots 2018 will be available for tasting at ProWein. Please arrange a tasting appointment with Brigitte Riener.


Hall 10 Booth F02

One more at ProWein this year, Portugal’s Douro and Port Wine Institute (IVDP) is offering the ideal opportunity for continuing education in matters of Port and the Douro Valley. Informative seminars will be given on an hourly basis, covering topics such as The latest sensation from the Douro, Douro wines from limestone and The secret of white Port. For information and registration, please contact


Hall 17 Booth E50

A première at ProWein for Petra & Hannes Harkamp: their first biodynamic vintage is in the books (all wines are as of 2019 Demeter-certified though). With the vintage 2018, the South Styrian winegrower couple launched their brand new NATURAL series. The downbeat for this vinous rhapsody is given by an orange Pet Nat, followed by the favourite Styrian grape varieties Welschriesling, Weissburgunder, Gelber Muskateller & Sauvignon Blanc. Please make an appointment with Brigitte Riener.


Johannes Gebeshuber
Hall 17 Booth F07

Grüner Veltliner & Riesling are perhaps now everyday beverages for you? Then for something new, please take a look at Johannes Gebeshuber’s wines. This skilful winegrower focuses his entire passion on the indigenous grape varieties Zierfandler, Rotgipfler & Sankt Laurent. And, what’s more, he does this in the original homeland of these three vines, all biodynamically vinified in Gumpoldskirchen, in the winegrowing region Thermenregion. Try and compare Zierfandler of the vintages 1969, 1979, 1989 as well as 2004, 2010 and 2016! Please make an appointment with Brigitte Riener.


Muhr-van der Niepoort
Hall 17 Booth C07

No one understands Spitzerberg better than Dorli does… Dorli Muhr harvests & vinifies the various parcels of this famous Blaufränkisch vineyard separately, and keenly observes their individual development. In addition to her ‘Liebkind’ from the dramatically distinctive site Ried Kobeln, she will be bringing along a first sample of her Blaufränkisch ‘Ried Roterd’, a wonderfully complex and charming wine from a parcel situated middle-slope. Of course, she’ll also have the Ried Spitzerberg 2016, one of Austria’s highest rated reds from this vintage, in her luggage. Appointments, please, with winegrower Dorli Muhr.