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The Sounds of the Surf and a Glimpse of the Future:

A Wine Conference in Cascais on the Portuguese Coast…


There is one, most important rule in the field of real estate sales:
Location, Location, Location! But it’s not just living space that benefits from an attractive address; the number of participants in a conference can also be positively influenced by the relative allure of the event’s setting.

Examined from this angle, MUST-Fermenting Ideas has the ideal prerequisites to become a bestseller! The conference will take place in Cascais, an enchanting little coastal town in Portugal. While other visitors are relaxing on holiday, the top experts and most engaging speakers in the wine sector will be giving talks on the future of the business to a participant audience of industry professionals.

Must Lighthouse in Cascais © ATC Rui Cunha
The wonderful Lighthouse in Cascais © ATC Rui Cunha

Cascais – a blend of holiday and history…

This picturesque municipality, full of flair and style, is located in the far west of Portugal, seated between the Sintra Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. The former fishing village has become an elegant travel destination, without losing any of the charm from the history of its old seafaring years. The mighty fortress, the lighthouse ‘Farol de Guia’ and the seventeenth-century Citadel invite visitors to engage with the past. Here – where the royal family once upon a time spent their summer holidays, where the raging Atlantic crashes against white sandy beaches – this is where one finds inner peace, to shed the occupations and responsibilities of the everyday, and to contemplate the future.

For the first time…

The wine conference MUST – Fermenting Ideas is being held this year for the first time. Some twenty-five experts from all over the world will spend three days (7–9 June 2017) sharing their professional insights with some 500 participants. Questions regarding viticulture (organics, global warming, grape varieties), vinfication (natural wines, methods of élevage) – all the way to marketing and tourism (the consumer of the future, qualifications for sommeliers) – all aspects of the wine sector will be brought under the microscope.

The old fortress Forte da Cruz

Wine and sunset, by the sea…

Rui Falcão and Paulo Salvador, the two journalists responsible for the concept and development of the conference MUST-Fermenting Ideas, are well aware of the significance and the beauty of the surroundings in Cascais. For their social programme  ‘Wine Sunset by the Sea’, they have chosen the old fortress Forte da Cruz – a scenic, historic and impressive setting right on the ocean, with a picture-perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean.

At the Sunset Tasting, the town of Cascais will invite visitors to reflect upon what they’ve heard, to exchange information and pursue networking opportunities with other participants. And there will be the best wines from your host country Portugal on hand to taste!

Here you will find the complete programme, information about the speakers, and tickets to the wine conference:

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