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Dutch magazine chooses an Austrian:

Dorli Muhr is “Woman of the Year”


In its end-of-year issue the Dutch wine magazine Perswijn announced its five Wine Heroes for 2019 – individuals who distinguish themselves in the sector for exceptional quality & notable achievements. Perswijn named Austrian Dorli Muhr Woman of the Year.

Dorli Muhr founded her wine estate on the Spitzerberg in Carnuntum (C) Herbert Lehmann

One outstanding accomplishment is notable enough, that her Communications agency has been active for twenty-eight years, making the transition to the digital age with flying colours; for three decades Wine&Partners has served the crème de la crème of the wine & gourmet community on the international stage.

And when the individual who manages this feat of artistic strength also establishes a wine estate, starting with nearly nothing – and in the space of a few short years brings it to the top of its class (without subscribing to trends, the dictates of fashion or mainstream style) – well, one may certainly call this ‘heroic’. Netherlands wine publication Perswijn did exactly that, and had this to say about Dorli Muhr:

“You may perhaps know her as the ex-wife of Dirk van der Niepoort, the top Portuguese producer with Dutch roots. But it is much more important to know that she is the driving force behind Wine&Partners,  a Vienna communications agency that passionately promotes exceptional wines. And, it is particularly important to know her as a winegrower as well, because Dorli produces wine in her native region Carnuntum, a special area situated between the Alps and the Carpathians in easternmost Austria. Since mid-2019 the estate, which she founded in 2002 with her then-husband, now bears her name alone: Weingut Dorli Muhr. And the wines are better than ever, with one of Austria’s finest Blaufränkisch from Carnuntum’s most distinctive terroir: Ried Spitzerberg.”

Wine&Partners organised a particularly Instagrammable tasting at the National Library in Vienna (C) Niklas Stadler

The editors of Perswijn chose five Wine Heroes in all: Best Importer, Best Sommelier, Best Producer (Telmo Rodriguez), Man of the Year and Woman of the Year (Dorli Muhr).

…and Ms Muhr appeared not only among the heroes, but also among the year’s favourite wines. Columnist Magda van der Rijst selected the 2016 Cuvée vom Berg, praising its elegance & balance, in which Syrah & Blaufränkisch are deftly intertwined, adding that if one wishes for ‘a bit more’, then Muhr’s Blaufränkisch »Liebkind« is just the thing.

Cuvée vom Berg 2016
Blaufränkisch Liebkind (Ried Kobeln) 2016

Perswijn is the most important wine magazine in the Netherlands; featured among the editors are renowned wine critics such as Ronald de Groot, Lars Daniels, Magda van der Rijst & Frank Jacobs.