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Some opportunities only come once

One night only: Douro Boys Vintage Port 2017


2017 is unanimously praised by all wine critics as an outstanding year for Vintage Port – even frequently compared with the legendary 1945 vintage. And so it’s no wonder that experts, collectors, sommeliers and Port lovers do all they can to get some bottles of these exceptional wines into their cellars. One extraordinarily special example of this sought-after vintage has been created by five of the most renowned producers in the Douro: Dirk Niepoort, Cristiano van Zeller, Xito Olazabal, Tomás Roquette & João Ferreira have all blended their best cask together and bottled a ‘group-portrait’ Douro Boys Vintage Port. There are only 350 magnums of this marvellous wine available. And they will be sold in the course of a single evening.

The New Douro: Douro Valley © Quinta do Crasto
The Douro Valley is one of the most picturesque landscapes © Quinta do Crasto

On 10 October 2019, the Douro Boys will be celebrating their 15th anniversary with a lively & sure-to-be-pleasurable auction. To mark this special occasion, they have also created an outstanding red wine from the full-bodied, exceptional 2017 vintage. 750 magnums of this superlative red will be auctioned that evening.

An even smaller number of bottles of the stellar 2017 Vintage Port will be available – a mere 350 magnums of the already historic vintage will come up for auction on 10 October.

The Douro Boys Cuvée and the Douro Boys Vintage Port will be available apportioned into fifty lots to be sold during the auction, ranging from a single magnum up to ninety units – and therefore attractive both for private and industry bidders. In addition to the exciting wines, bidders may also win some ‘private experiences’ with the producers. All fifty lots are described in the auction catalogue, available through the Douro Boys website HERE.

Douro Boys Auction 2019 © Patrick Band
The Douro Boys celebrate their 15th anniversary with a unique auction.

“Port producers are comparing 2017 with the legendary 1945
and after recently tasting a few bottles of the more recent vintage,
I think the comparison is reasonable.”

James Suckling

“Even before harvesting, the grapes of this vintage looked perfect.
It is a wine that will age forever“.
Dirk Niepoort

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Douro Boys 2017 Cuvée © Douro Boys
Douro Boys 2017 Cuvée

Each producer chose particularly expressive wines of the 2017 vintage from his cellar and brought them to the blending sessions. Proprietors and oenologists sat down together for tastings & discussions. It took them three nights of hard work, until they agreed on the most complex and finest – powerful though still elegant, profound yet refreshing – blend. The result is a remarkably inspiring wine, which is notable for its concentration, vitality and great potential for maturing & expressive development. The Douro Boys Cuvée 2017 marries the structured elegance of Vallado, the uncompromising freshness of Niepoort, the charming fruit-driven character of Crasto, the aristocratic minerality of Vale Dona Maria and the enchanting body of Meão. It is an outstanding wine, one that is marked by unmistakable Douro character. The Douro Boys Cuvée 2017 has been bottled in 750 magnums (1.5 litres) and 28 double magnums (3 litres).

Douro Boys 2017 Vintage Port © Douro Boys
Douro Boys 2017 Vintage Port

For many, 2017 is the greatest year for Vintage Port ever. Each of the Douro Boys has chosen his most promising lot of the 2017, and they have created together a Vintage Port that will most probably write history. It is extremely complex, concentrated & impressive. A very seductive Port – and hard to resist opening the bottle now – but this vintage has a cellaring potential of many decades, and is definitely targeted to the following generations of wine lovers. The Douro Boys Vintage Port 2017 is bottled in 350 magnums (1.5 litres).