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Fifteen years - and prices to cheer about

Douro Boys auction sets a record


In 2002, five visionary Portuguese winegrowers came together with a great sense of purpose and founded the group ‘Douro Boys’. To celebrate their fifteenth anniversary, they have created a red wine and a vintage Port from the outstanding 2017 vintage, both blended together from their individual estates. These two unique wines were launched on 11 October as items in an auction, where the average price of 295€ for a magnum bottle gave the five growers yet another really good reason to celebrate.

2017 Douro Boys Vintage Port impresses experts around the world. (c)Jorge Simao

Bidders from Brazil, the USA, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, the Benelux nations, Switzerland, Macau – and of course Portugal – arrived at the elegant Six Senses Hotel in the Douro Valley to bid on one or another of fifty lots, which went under the hammer of renowned British auctioneer Peter Mansell. Interested parties could also bid live by telephone, as well as placing bids online via the platform

Bidders were accepted on site, online and one the phone (c)Jorge Simao

Record price obtained

In total, 1115 magnums of the two unique wines were on offer – significantly more volume than at the two previous auctions in 2013 & 2007. All the more impressive is the fact that the auction once more reached a record: with an average of 295 euros per magnum, the hammer price grew appreciably in comparison with the previous events.

The components and their final result (c)Jorge Simao
Each Quinta contributed some of the best barrels of their Vintage Ports 2017 (c)Jorge Simao

Cristiano van Zeller comments with relish: ‘The results of the auction show us with marvellous clarity that the Douro Boys – absolute pioneers when the group was founded – enjoy the highest recognition, and that their wines are in high demand. We have not only managed to make the Douro better known, but also to give our common brand sustainably high value’.

Cristiano van Zeller during his opening speech (c)Jorge Simao

The fifty lots to be auctioned were composed in different sizes – from single magnums to lots of more than ninety units. Some lots included other unique offerings from the individual estates, such as rare library releases or special experiences with the growers. Details can be found in the auction catalogue, which remains available online at

Douro Boys Cuvée 2017 is a spectacular red wine (C) Jorge Simao
Guess, why the Douro Boys are so successful? (c)Jorge Simao

More educational opportunities for thirty-three children in the Douro

One lot (consisting of fifteen magnums of the Douro Boys Cuvée) was donated by the Douro Boys to the organisation Bagos d’Ouro. This institution has set itself the task of being able to offer additional education to children & youth. With the result of 4,800€, a total of thirty-three youngsters can now attend supplementary courses for one school year. The matter of transport is essential for this: the school bus travels to the poorly accessible villages in the Douro only once a day, after the end of the principal lessons. Special programmes involving sports or artistic education are therefore usually not available to children from the remote villages.

Miguel Roquette (Quinta do Crasto) explains the why Douro Boys support Bagos d'Ouro (c)Jorge Simao

Fifteen years of working together

To a certain extent, it was their fathers who inspired the courageous step of founding a joint initiative for promoting the Douro Valley. The region was then in connoisseur circles considered primarily as the origin of Port, and the red wines had an audience only within Portugal.

The Douro Boys have changed this most thoroughly. Francisco Ferreira & Joao Alavares Ribeiro (Quinta do Vallado), Dirk Niepoort, Miguel & Tomas Roquette (Quinta do Crasto), Cristiano van Zeller (Quinta Vale D Maria) & Francisco Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meao) have managed to achieve the highest ratings in internationally recognised media for their red wines, thereby drawing substantial attention to the Douro. Today, the winegrowing region Douro is represented on virtually all sophisticated wine lists, while every up-to-date wine merchant worldwide has a Douro section on its shelves.

In recent years, the ‘Douro Boys’ have also focused their attention more & more on the region’s great tradition – Port.

Photos from the Douro Boys auction can be found here: