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Douro Primeira Prova 2019

Bright future for the Douro Valley


The marvellously rich history, the enchanting landscape and the passionate producers: these factors coalesce to make the Douro Valley the driving force of Portuguese viticulture. In a world of increasingly more-of-the-same-wines, the Douro Valley remains refreshingly different, with dramatically low-yielding vineyards planted to unique grape varieties such as Tinto Cão, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Amarela and dozens of others. All of them producing wines with a real and easily perceptible sense of place.

These are just a few reasons why the Douro Valley is looking forward to a bright future. The event Douro Primeira Prova 2019 offers the opportunity to taste the results of the producers’ hard work just before release: twenty-six leading Douro producers are hosting a joint preview tasting of their most recent vintages. The exclusive silent tasting is open exclusively to wine professionals, and will take place from 3–5 June 2019 at Museu do Douro in Peso da Régua.

The New Douro: Douro Valley © J. Portugal Ramos
‘I think the Douro Valley with its dramatic landscape, unique heritage of grape varieties, soil and weather has the ability to create some of the most interesting wines in the world’. – Jorge Moreira of Poeira

The Douro Primeira Prova will showcase twenty-six wine estates and their most recent vintages. Some 150 wines can be tasted and evaluated in the format of a ‘silent tasting’. Fifty tasting places will be available over the course of three days in a total of six slots, each day from 9.00–12.00 & 13.00–16.00.

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The New Douro: Paul Symington © Symington Family Estates
Paul Symington © Symington Family Estates

‘The Douro Valley is the driving force of Portugal because of the quality of its vineyard and its wines, its outstanding natural beauty and its long, long history of producing one of the world’s greatest wines: Port.’

– Paul Symington of Symington Family Estates

Developmental milestones, climate change and a bright future ahead

Climate change represents a threat to the Douro Valley, as it does for the most wine regions in the world. The problems posed by erosion are particularly serious for the extremely steep hillsides and terraced vineyards. The Douro producers are working constantly to develop techniques to combat the impact of climate change. Nevertheless, the valley enjoys the advantage of its great diversity of grape varieties, which have been already selected naturally by hundreds of years of exposure to extremely hot and dry conditions.

The Douro is a very old wine region, but these Douro wines are quite new. For the Douro Valley and its producers, there have been many developmental milestones in the past twenty years. One of the most significant of these has been the steps taken to vinify high-quality Douro still wines, and not just Port, which opened the doors to a new generation of winegrowers. Most of them have begun very young, and their enthusiasm and energy has completely changed the Douro Valley for the better. Also, their comprehensive training in oenology has helped to dramatically improve the quality of the wines produced; this will only get better as oenologists explore different grape varieties and terroirs.

This offers opportunities for the Douro Valley like there have never been before: Portugal is being recognised as a very beautiful, diverse country with great people, food and wine. The Douro Valley produces original, beautiful and distinctive wines with character and individuality, which are getting better with every successive vintage – in short, a bright future lies ahead for the Douro Valley.

The New Douro: Jorge Moreira of Poeira © Poeira
Jorge Moreira © Poeira

‘The Douro wines capture the best of two worlds: They are rich, complex and very well structure, as it happens in wine regions with hot climate but at the same time fresh, elegant, vibrant and age-worthy like the wines from cooler regions.’

– Jorge Moreira of Poeira

If you would like to discuss this with the producers and taste the results of their hard work before release, book your seat now!

The leading wine estates of Portugal’s Douro Valley have been working together for more than ten years as ‘The New Douro’, organising events together worldwide. From 2019 on, they will host the Douro Primeira Prova together, an exclusive tasting event for wine professionals only. It will showcase their most recent vintages, such as the 2018 white, rosé & sparkling wines, 2017 reds & vintage Ports. In total, some 150 wines can be tasted and evaluated in the format of a ‘silent tasting’. The event will take place at the Museu do Douro in Peso da Régua (approx 100 km east of Porto) from 3–5 June 2019 and wines will be presented by the growers. Tasting seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Make sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible – the Douro is an extremely popular travel destination in early summer! Find accommodation options here.

The New Douro: Peso da Régua Map © Google Maps
The Douro Primeira Prova will take place at the Museu do Douro in Peso da Régua, which is located approximately 100 km east of Porto. | Map © Google Maps

The New Douro Wineries:
Casa Ferreirinha (Sogrape Vinhos) / Duas Quintas (Ramos Pinto) / Duorum Vinhos/ Lavradores de Feitoria / Poeira / Niepoort / Nova Quinta do Sagrado / Poças / Quinta da Boavista + Quinta das Tecedeiras / Quinta da Gaivosa (Alves de Sousa) / Quinta de São José / Quinta de la Rosa / Quinta do Crasto + Roquette&Cazes / Quinta do Noval / Quinta do Pessegueiro / Quinta da Romaneira / Quinta do Vallado / Quinta dos Murças/ Quinta Nova / Quinta Vale D. Maria / Quinta do Vale Meão / Real Companhia Velha / Symington /Prats & Symington / Vertice / Wine&Soul

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