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5th - 7th July 2021

Douro Primeira Prova 2021

For anyone who would like to taste the best 200 wines from Portugal’s Douro Valley in a focussed & concentrated manner, to get an idea of current ​developments at the estates, the quality of the latest vintages and the wines’ ultimate potential – not only of the reds, but also of the newly exciting whites (and let’s not forget the Ports!) – Douro Primeira Prova presents the perfect opportunity.
Originally the event was supposed to go into the second round in 2020 – but as with so many, Corona prevented our project last year.
With renewed optimism and fresh energy, Portugal’s winegrowers cadre once again welcomes international wine specialists from the 5th – 7th July 2021. As everything seems to be unpredictable these days: Fingers crossed & save the date!
The experts record their evaluations and opinions — some analog, some digital.

The wine experts arrive from around the world, convening in the picturesque Douro Valley. An intense silence dominates the room, reflecting their deep, unbroken concentration. All minds are focused on the new vintage of red, white and Port wines being debuted ahead of their official release onto the market. Behind the scenes, things are bustling. Bottles stand ready from 20 of the region’s top producers, to be served under ideal tasting conditions and with clockwork timing. Welcome to the Douro Primeira Prova.

The first Douro Primeira Prova was held in May 2019. Precisely 167 wines were poured, a unique opportunity that drew over 90 experts from 18 different countries, including Sweden, Italy, Canada, Russia and Japan. For three days, all eyes were on wines from the breathtakingly beautiful Douro Valley.

The outstanding feedback from that debut event in 2019 more than justified an encore. 2021 will once again bring 20 producers from the region together to present their young wines: white and rosé wines from 2019 & 2020 as well as red and Port wines from 2018 & 2019. Industry professionals can thus book one of the six available time slots (see below) to taste the entire collection at one location. Gone is the hassle of the long, winding path from estate to estate through the scorching Douro Valley — allowing the taster to concentrate less on organization and more on sensory wonder.

200 wines will be served at the Douro Primeira Prova.

Place & People

The terraces of the Douro reflect more than 2000 years of viticulture. The rich history of the region together with the expertise of the winemakers and cellar masters are what makes grand wines in all categories possible.  Inspired by a vision of conveying the valley’s grandeur to the larger world, a group of top producers have joined together under the name The New Douro.

Tasting Rules

Douro Primeira Prova is a silent tasting. Journalists, sommeliers and buyers are afforded the opportunity to taste the wines in their own order and at their own pace. From Monday through Wednesday, there is one morning and one afternoon slot. (5th – 7th July in Museu do Douro, R. do Marquês de Pombal, 5050-282 Peso da Régua, Portugal)

As an added bonus: the winemakers will be personally on hand. Whether during the daytime sessions or at night, any questions about specific production methods or philosophies can be addressed directly to the person best able to provide the answer. Led by the winemakers themselves, a seminar exploring various aspects of wine production in the region will follow every afternoon tasting.  The producers invite you to join them in celebrating another successful day with dinner parties on a smaller scale featuring a number of special wines (on Monday and Tuesday).

Pandemic Measures

Of course, strict corona rules apply throughout the event in order to enable a safe tasting in a regulated framework as pleasantly as possible. We will inform you of the specific measures when you register.

Experts come together from all around the world.
Behind the scenes: Christian Seely (right, from Quinta da Romaneira) and Carlos Agrellos (from Quinta do Noval)


Space is limited and demand is high for the Douro Primeira Prova. Our tip: register early!




When choosing your slots, please keep in mind that it will take time to concentrate and evaluate 200 wines.
Please include your name, company/employer, email address, mobile telephone number and preferred tasting slot in your email. The registration is only valid after confirmation by Wine & Partners. Also, please don’t wait to book your accommodations, as space is limited, and the region is a popular tourist destination during early summer.

The New Douro Winzer:
Casa Ferreirinha (Sogrape Vinhos) / Duas Quintas (Ramos Pinto) / Duorum Vinhos/ Lavradores de Feitoria / Poeira / Niepoort / Poças / Quinta da Gaivosa (Alves de Sousa) / Quinta do Crasto + Roquette&Cazes / Quinta do Noval / Quinta da Romaneira / Quinta do Vallado / Quinta dos Murças / Quinta Nova / Quinta do Vale Meão / Symington /Prats & Symington / Van Zellers & Co. / Vertice / Wine&Soul

Douro Valley Landscape © Quinta De La Rosa
The enchanting landscape of the Douro Valley – one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world – sets the scene for a spectacular tasting.

Museu do Douro
Rua Marquês de Pombal
5050-282 Peso da Régua, Portugal

Travelling to the Museu do Douro:
Arriving at Porto Airport you can travel comfortably by train from Porto Campanha to Regua (travel time of approx. 2.5 hours) or hire a car directly at the airport (travel time of approx. 1.5 hours).

Make sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible – the Douro is an extremely popular travel destination in autumn! Find accommodation options here.

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