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Digital Douro Primeira Prova 2020

Douro Tandem Talks

We know that you’re probably devestated that Douro Primeira Prova 2020 won’t take place the way it did last year. So are we. That’s why The New Douro-group came up with a solution, so that you’ll still get to experience what the group has to offer.
Douro Tandem Talks 2020

Introducing the Douro Tandem Talks that will take place online from the comfort of your home. You can listen and discuss the main topics with the producers via Instagram on the initial days of the event (18th, 19th and 20th October from 4 pm (UTC+0) onwards).

The leading Portuguese Douro winegrowers will answer burning questions and discuss some of the hottest topics of the wine industry. You can join in without any bureaucratic non-sense (exactly the way we like it!):

> Open your Instagram-app (make sure you have an account, though)
> Go to @thenewdouro
> Open live at the given times.

You can ask your questions directly in the live-stream. On the bottom of your screen, you can type in your questions and the speakers will see them straight away in real-time.

But now… let’s have a look at our topics.

Douro Tandem Talks 2020 - Sunday

The ImPORTance of Port & the Greatness of Still Wines
Sunday 18th October | 16.00-16.20

Sandra Tavares (Wine&Soul) & José Luis Moreira da Silva (Quinta dos Murças) discuss how it is possible that one Valley delivers both – exquisite Ports and top score still wines, whether red OR white.

Not sparing details, they’ll be talking about grapes, climate, terroir and their style of winemaking, Sandra & José will take you on an exclusive, eye-opening journey into the depths of this valley’s diversity.

To follow this tandem talk & to ask your questions, log in on Instagram & open @thenewdouro (live) on Sunday (18 Oct), at 16.00-16.20 (UTC+0) o’clock.

Douro Tandem Talks 2020 - Monday

“9 Months of Winter, 3 Months of Hell” – Forever?
Monday 19th October | 16.00-16.20

This widely spread saying means we have 9 mild months and some weeks of fiery heatness. But is this changing? Climate change is a real phenomenon and the Douro Valley isn’t exempt from it. Also the COVID19-pandemic has created new obstacles in the wine world. Francisca van Zeller (Quinta Vale D. Maria) and André Barbosa (Poças) will talk about the challenges the Douro Valley’s winemakers have to face and how they adapt and prepare.

To follow this tandem talk & to ask your questions, log in on Instagram & open @thenewdouro (live) on Monday (19 Oct), at 16.00-16.20 (UTC+0) o’clock.

A Multitude of Altitudes
Monday 19th October | 16.30-16.50

The wines deriving from the Douro Valley have such depth because their place of origin is very diverse in itself. With the different terroirs and the deep dales in the subregions, a Douro-winemaker has access to various soils and altitudes. Manuel Lobo (Quinta do Crasto) and Francisco Ferreira (Quinta do Vallado) talk about the opportunities the unique Valley offers.

To follow this tandem talk & to ask your questions, log in on Instagram & open @thenewdouro (live) on Monday (19 Oct), at 16.30-16.50 o’clock.

Douro Tandem Talks 2020 - Tuesday

2018 VS 2019
Tuesday 20th October | 16.00-16.20

Every real wine expert knows this fact: Each vintage is slightly different and one can never predict the weather conditions. By all means, our winemakers are amazing and extraordinarily talented but are not psychic.

Nevertheless, they are exceptional when it comes to reacting to the ever-changing climate demands. Carlos Agrellos (Quinta do Noval) and Tiago Alves de Sousa (Alves de Sousa) will talk about different potentials and challenges of the vintages of 2018 and 2019.

To follow this tandem talk & to ask your questions, log in on Instagram & open @thenewdouro (live) on Tuesday (20 Oct), at 16.00-16.20 o’clock.

A Sustainable Wine World
Tuesday 20th October | 16.30-16.50

Sustainability is one of the keywords in the Douro Valley. With great responsibility the wine makers take care to be in balance with nature – which enables them to create extraordinary wines.

How is it possible to promote biodiversity and sustainability while producing world quality wines? João Perry Vidal (Duorum Vinhos) and Nuno Vilela (Sinergiae Ambiente) are approaching solutions.

To follow this tandem talk & to ask your questions, log in on instagram & open @thenewdouro (live) on Tuesday (20 Oct), at 16.30-16.50 o’clock.