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The Podcast Series »Einfach Leben«


Are the cares of a tedious evening growing on you, after endless hours of home office? Then this is an ideal moment to listen to one of the podcasts from the series »Einfach Leben«, (which means ‘Just live’). Seppi Sigl, head of the Trumer brewery in Obertrum, started months ago to bring individuals to his microphone who know how to infect others with their own optimism. In the current situation, these interviews are worth their weight in gold. (Podcast only available in German)

Seppi Sigl is proprietor of the Trumer brewery. He not only runs one of the most innovative privately owned breweries in Austria, with his open fermentation vats, but is also an extremely sustainable entrepreneur. In his podcast series, he also shows what values are personally important to him. © Trumer

Brewer Seppi Sigl has always been convinced that a company’s success can not only be measured in numbers, but also in the contribution it makes to its region, the environment and the progress of society. So he came up with the idea of asking extraordinary individuals about their visions and values.
People like the economic rebels Heini Staudinger (GEA shoes), slow food prophet Barbara van Melle and filmmaker Adrian Goiginger. The eight recorded conversations are now available as podcasts on the Trumer website:

However, when he inaugurated the podcast series, Sigl had no idea how essential this sort of thinking about values, looking ahead and encouraging society should become all of a sudden. For him, this project was simply a logical and harmonious consequence of his responsibility as an entrepreneur, the way he understands it.

Mindful interaction with others is the way of life at the Trumer brewery as well as in the brewers’ association CulturBrauer, to which Trumer belongs.

CulturBrauer is an association of eight independent private breweries. In addition to Trumer, it includes Hirter, Freistädter, Schloss Eggenberg, Murauer, Mohren, Zwettler & Schremser. These breweries have existed for centuries, think in terms of generations, and are fully committed to their regions.

The beers of the CulturBrauer are widely sold in restaurants. So as long as the restaurants remain closed: put on a protective mask, take your beer supply home, wash your hands and enjoy the thoughts of Seppi Sigl’s interviewees.

The Trumer beers are also available online at:

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