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Online Trade Fair for Retailers and Importers

Explore Carnuntum


No trade fairs and exhibitions in spring 2021? No problem! The Austrian winegrowing region of Carnuntum is hosting a professional, contemporary and efficient alternative: a joint online wine fair for importers and retailers from around Europe, to be held from 22 – 26 March 2021.

Invitation Explore Carnuntum © cmvisual
"Explore Carnuntum" is an online wine trade fair ©cmvisuals

Speed Dating

Each estate will be hosting its own one-hour online tasting, to present itself, its production, its focuses in export and distribution and its approach in the vineyards and cellar. A guided flight of six wines, to be shipped in advance to each interested importer and distributor, will help break the ice for these online “dates.” Should a participant find fancy in any of the estates, the interested parties can meet immediately afterward to discuss potential business.

Webshop Carnuntum © Robert Herbst
Meet the winemaker in person - online © Robert Herbst

“Large wine fairs had proven to be an enormous drain for many estates and trade visitors even before the crisis — both from a financial and time standpoint. We’ve all learned our way around online tools in recent months, so this digital event is the right opportunity to put that experience to good use. Above all else, I think it’s going to be more efficient — saving all participants time and costs, while also protecting the environment,” says Robert Payr, president of the Carnuntum Weingüter.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Ecological sustainability is a topic near and dear to the heart of Carnuntum’s natives. With just 1000 hectares of vineyards, this region on the eastern edge of Austria is among the smallest of the nation’s official appellations. But when it comes to organic winegrowing, Carnuntum is a giant, with 40% of its area under vine already certified or in the final stages of transition. “In 2022, as much as 50% of Carnuntum’s vineyards will be cultivated organically,” speculates Philipp Grassl, chairman of the regional winegrowing association.

Carnuntum Ried Spitzerberg biologischer Anbau Dorli Muhr © Herbert Lehmann
Organic viticulture is the logical constancy for quality wine in Carnuntum © Herbert Lehmann
Carnuntum Pyramide © Patrick Band
The pyramid of quality wine in Carnuntum © Patrick Band

Developing the appellation together

Carnuntum has risen sharply in prominence in recent years. Situated on the far eastern border of the country and with an intensely continental climate, Carnuntum and its red wines stand out from the rest of Lower Austria. Thanks to the establishment of its own DAC system (See: The new Carnuntum), which puts a focus on autochthone varieties and freshness as a profile parameter, Carnuntum is dedicated to a highly distinctive and sensible origins-based style. This fits the zeitgeist perfectly in an age of global climate change. Its many estates are working together, with a strong sense of unity and a carefully honed profile that befits a region whose reds have come to dominate the standings of competitions and ratings!

Through its joint online trade fair, Carnuntum aims to demonstrate just how committed its estates are to shared success. From brands famous on the international stage to estates that have never sent a bottle abroad, there’s a perfect partner here for any and every importer or retailer.

Registration requests must be received by 26 February 2021 to ensure the tasting samples can be sent in time. The program of this online trade fair can be found at

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