If not, then you should update your knowledge about this Portuguese winegrowing region, located to the east of Lisbon. Exciting insights are yours for the asking, in six workshops during ProWein.

In these workshops, wine experts will tackle a wide range of questions:
How do the sensitive winegrowers of the Alentejo manage to bring the different varieties of soil into the bottle in such an unmistakeable fashion? David Schwarzwälder will be on hand with the answer to that one.
What is the region doing to maintain healthy soils, clean air & clear skies? João Barroso will provide unique insight into Alentejo’s remarkable sustainability programme.
Which wines best represent the character of the Alentejo? Caro Maurer will tell attendees about her quest to create a profile for Alentejo, which took her all through this pristine region.

Please register soon. The number of participants is limited!