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Revista de Vinhos award goes to a member of the Douro Boys

Francisco Olazábal is “Winemaker of the year”´


On Friday, February 11th 2011, the renowned wine magazine “Revista de Vinhos” honored Portugals most influential wine people in 2010 during a fabulous ceremony. One of the trophies was given to Francisco “Xito” Olazábal of Quinta do Vale Meão, who is also winemaker at Quinta do Vallado, another Douro Boys member. “Xito” Olazábal was granted the title of “Enólogo do Ano“ (Winemaker of the year).

Douro Boys Revista de Vinhos Awards Ceremony ©Anabela Trindade Revista de Vinhos
Revista de Vinhos Awards Ceremony © Anabela Trindade / Revista de Vinhos

A winemaker with vision

“Francisco “Xito” belongs to a new generation, which is changing the identity of the Douro: living in the heart of the region (and thus accepting with open arms the consequent advantages and disadvantages), you can feel that he loves the Douro and lives in the Douro with the intensity of someone who found his way, and who proudly continues and leads the family history into the 21st century.”

(João Paulo Martins, Revista de Vinhos, February 2011)*

*Original quote:

Francisco “Xito” pertence também à nova geração que está a operar a mudança da face do Douro: mora no coração da região (aceitando de braços abertos as vantagens e desvantagens dessa condição) e sente-se que gosta e vive o Douro com a intensidade de quem descobriu o seu rumo, de quem orgulhosamente continua a saga familiar que começou no séc. XIX. (João Paulo Martins, Revista de Vinhos, February)

Douro Boys Luisa Francisco and Francisco Javier © Meao
Luisa, Francisco und Francisco Javier Olazabal from Quinta do Meão © Meão

Quinta do Vale Meão

In 1877, great great grandmother of owner Francisco Javier de Olazábal, legendary Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira purchased these 270 hectares of land. In 1998, Francisco Javier de Olazábal, former president of A.A. Ferreira, and his son Francisco “Xito” Olazábal

developed the project “Quinta do Vale Meão”. They launched the first wines in 1999, and deserved the attention of worldwide connoisseurs since that time.

Douro Boys Logo © Douro Boys
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