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Hannes Sabathi now listed at Vinetiq

Three Sauvignon Blancs from the Master of Minerality


The congenial winegrower from the Südsteiermark loves the distinctive mineral interplay of different soils in wine and is completely dedicated to the vinification of these sophisticated expressions. He realised at a young age that for him the truth about wine lay in the soil. Since then, the terroir fanatic has worked without compromise to vinify wines from various sites in a way that faithfully expresses their contrastive character. The wines of Hannes Sabathi can always be recognised by their clarity, depth and precise personifications of the soil.

Hannes Sabathi © M. Klimek
Profound wines that communicate the soil’s message have always been a matter of course for Hannes Sabathi. With this uncompromising attitude, the dynamic grower is regarded as a pioneer & pathfinder in the Südsteiermark. © Manfred Klimek; Moodley

Three of Sabathi’s top wines vinified from the Steiermark’s marquee grape variety Sauvignon Blanc are now also available in Belgium and the Netherlands via Vinetiq:

2016 Sauvignon Blanc Ried Kranachberg

This Sauvignon Blanc is characterised by the salty elegance and electric structure it is given by the vineyard site ‘Kranachberg’, where the Sabathi estate is located. The winegrower was raised here, and knows every stone. This kettle-shaped site with south-southwest exposure is situated at some 500 metres above sea level, where the soil consists of permeable calcareous and sandy gravels, which impart particularly fresh and salty minerality to the wines. Thanks to his extensive experience, Sabathi brings this mineral freshness to vivid expression in the wine. has recently awarded the wine 93 points.

€ 35.95 at

Hannes Sabathi © M. Klimek

2016 Sauvignon Blanc Ried Loren

In 2010, Hannes Sabathi planted vines on the famous Pössnitzberg, in his monopole vineyard Ried Loren. Loren’s heavy, calcareous soil has left its mark deeply etched upon the wine, providing substance on the palate, concise acidity and great depth. The site lies 550 metres above sea level and faces south. The heavy soil known as »Opok« (a grey marl that blends limestone & clay) gives the wine its depth and powerful presence on the palate. has recently awarded the wine 92+ points and cited ‘enormous aging potential’.

€ 29.95 at

Sabathi SB Ried Loren

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Gamlitz

Gamlitz is a small village, but a very well-known name. Not only because the photogenic town has received many awards for its beautiful flowers… Gamlitz has a very special reputation among wine connoisseurs, because it is one of the most famous viticultural spots in Austria. Located in the south of the Steiermark, right on the border with Slovenia, Gamlitz benefits from many hours of sunshine, while the high elevation of the vineyards guarantees cool air currents and slow maturing for the grapes – in other words, ideal conditions for growing Sauvignon Blanc. This Ortswein (villages wine) from Hannes Sabathi is a merry fellow with tightly-knit, fine acidity and an unmistakably salty character, who charmingly presents the typical character of the region.

€ 19.50 at

Sabathi SB Gamlitz

About: Weingut Hannes Sabathi
Hannes Sabathi is frequently called ‘the Sabathi with the roots’. This, of course, stems from the visual appearance of the labels, but it conceals a much deeper truth. Hannes Sabathi loves the soil! In his vineyards, he has dug many holes and investigated the soils, in order to better understand the interaction of soil and grape variety. ‘It is from the soil that a wine gets its unmistakable character. This fascinates me’, says the winegrower. The family estate with thirty hectares of vineyards is located on the Kranachberg in the Südsteiermark near Gamlitz. In 2005, Hannes Sabathi took over the small family operation from his parents, and since led it to the upper echelon of the Styrian winegrowing community. From the very beginning, his guiding maxim was the idea of origins. With this uncompromising attitude, he has assumed a pioneering role that has decisively moulded the development of the entire region.

About: Vinetiq
Vinetiq is a wine boutique specialising in cool-climate wines – wines made at higher elevations or in cooler regions. Vinetiq focuses on premium quality, with online service via its webshop, but is also developing a robust offline presence in the culinary sector and at entertainment events – and by the end of 2019 with its own wineproducing domain, Valke Vleug in Puurs. The Vinetiq assortment today features almost 300 wines from fifty wine estates from all over the world, mostly small & exclusive producers. Vinetiq is managed by Pieter Raeymaekers (WSET 4), with co-owners Jan Van Lancker & Johan Stoffels.

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