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It was Friday the 13th. We packed up our briefcases and said goodbye to each other.

Now we are located in eight different districts of Vienna, in Graz, on the Alpine plateau Hohe Wand and in Prellenkirchen. We work in the drawing room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom (because reception is strongest there), in the sauna (the only room where the kids are not allowed) and in the parlour. In the beginning it was terrible, but we are slowly becoming accustomed to it.

When it became clear that all events, trips & appointments would be cancelled until June, our first reaction was panic. As it likely would be in all affected businesses. But then we made the decision to go forward with our heads held high, and set our sights on the post-crisis period.

When disaster strikes, everyone pitches in to tackle the issues together, and ideally, everyone does the thing that they can do the best. We communicate well, so we are now making a point of helping with that. We decided to support entrepreneurs & initiatives that are doing special and positive things. Our #mutmachen series – which we of course conduct at no cost to the client – has led to enormous gratitude. Not only on the part of the businesses we help, but also on the part of the media, who look forward to bright spots in a dull time.

We hope that #mutmachen soon will no longer be necessary, because we have arrived safely post-Corona.

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