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Wine from Schloss Schönbrunn available once more via auction.

Bid and Buy: Imperial Wine Online


An online auction will be held from 21 September until 31 October 2015 for the third vintage of renowned winegrowers’ association WienWein’s ‘imperial wine’ at (Website online by August 1st!).

WienWein Presse WienWein Gruppe von oben Fotocredit Simone Hofstaedter

This auction offers the only possibility of acquiring a few bottles of a rare viticultural delicacy: the wine with the baroque label, whose grapes have been grown on the grounds of the baroque imperial palace Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna – not available at retail, and always quickly sold out. The Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Liesenpfennig 2014 was developed through an initiative of the noted growers’ group WienWein, who restored and revitalised a historic vineyard at the palace. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the children’s charity SOS Kinderdorf. Last year’s auction brought in more than 20,000 Euros, which WienWein was proud to present to the needy children.

Join the bidding on 21 September!
The 21st of September will be marked not only by the harvesting of the 2015 vintage Liesenpfenning grapes at Schloss Schönbrunn – where many prominent individuals will be participating – but the day will also hear the crack of the starter’s pistol, announcing that bidding in the auction has begun. For six weeks, winelovers from all over the world will have the chance of successfully bidding on approximately 500 bottles of the Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Liesenpfennig 2014. Various lots made up of different numbers of bottles in several sizes will be offered – and for the first time there will be a vertical lot of the three Liesenpfenning vintages 2012, 2013 and 2014 auctioned off. Bidders will be informed via email on a weekly basis whether their bids are still in the running, or if they have been outbid by other participants in the auction. You will have the possibility of raising your bid at any point – until the virtual hammer falls. On 31 October 2015, all winning bidders will be informed concerning their lots via email.

WienWein Liesenpfennig Flasche © WienWein
Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Liesenpfennig 2014
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