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Best of Wine Tourism 2013

International Accolades for Quinta do Vallado and Quinta do Crasto!


Two member estates of the prestigious Portuguese wine-growers’ group Douro Boys were just honoured at the presentation of this year’s ‘BEST OF’ Wine Tourism Awards.

Quinta do Vallado won the Global Award in the category Architecture and Landscape, while Quinta do Crasto received the Regional Award as the best Wine-Tourism Service project.

This international competition selects its winners exclusively from among projects which distinguish themselves by means of their unique nature and outstanding quality. Prizes are awarded in seven distinct categories: accommodations, wine-tourism restaurants, long-term wine-tourism projects, architecture and landscape, art and culture, innovative wine-tourism experiences, and wine-tourism services.

Since the founding of this competition in 1999, more than 309 contestants have received awards, out of 2099 nominated.

Douro Boys Francisco Ferreira 2016 © Jorge Simao
Left: Francisco Ferreira Right: Jorge Roquette © Jorge Simao
Douro Boys Jorge Roquette 2016 © Jorge Simao

Each year the Great Wine Capitals BEST OF Wine Tourism Awards select the best, most innovative and most convincing wine-tourism projects in the world’s most significant and greatest wine-producing regions. Great Wine Capitals is an international network of larger cities in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres that all share one characteristic, which expresses itself in their business and cultural affairs, their internationally known and famous wine regions.

This network is the only one in the world that seeks to connect the so-called Old World and New World of wine together with one another. Its goal is to promote and develop travel, education and business contacts between the highly regarded regions Bilbao/Rioja (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Florence (Italy), Mainz/Rheinhessen (Germany), Cape Town (South Africa), Christchurch/South Island (New Zealand), Mendoza (Argentina), San Francisco/Napa Valley (USA), as well as Porto/Douro (Portugal).

The story of Quinta do Vallado arranges itself into two chapters. From the founding of the estate in 1726 until 1987, the estate produced primarily Port wine, which was shipped by the Port merchant Ferreira. The second segment began in 1990, when the estate began producing red and white wines, marketing them under the name Quinta do Vallado. Since 2002, when the conversion of the vineyards was completed, Quinta do Vallado has a total area of 64 hectares under vines, of which 38 hectares are new plantings. 26 hectares of their holdings are planted with particularly old vines. In 2005, Quinta do Vallado opened their guesthouse in the historical main building of the Quinta. Since a contemporary expansion was added in 2012, the Country Wine Hotel offers a total of thirteen rooms.

Quinta do Crasto, currently owned by Jorge Roquette and his family, was mentioned for the first time in official records in 1615. The 1st of January 1994 is an important date in the annals of Crasto, for since then they have operated as an independent Quinta, doing their own marketing. The Quinta do Crasto owns 130 hectares of land, of which 70 hectares are currently planted to the vine. The estate is situated on the right bank of the Douro, approximately halfway between Régua and Pinhâ. On the oldest terraces one finds mixed field blends in parcels with up to 90 year old vines. In the course of the 1980s, owner Jorge Roquette invested significantly in the modernisation of the vineyards and in construction of a port cellar (and for this, held back every year a quantity of the best wine) in order to establish guidelines for an independent self-marketing Port quinta. The wines are vinified in traditional lagares, and are marketed either as Vintage Port, or Late-Bottled Vintage Port.

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