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International wine summit in Portugal

This coming June, the world of wine will convene on the coast in Cascais!


Must-Fermenting Ideas ist der Titel einer Veranstaltung, die erstmals von 7. bis 9. Juni 2017 in Cascais (Portugal) abgehalten wird. Die Erfinder dieses Kongresses sind zwei Journalisten. Dank ihrer Profession wissen sie genau, welche Themen den Produzenten am Herzen liegen, welche Fragen einen Weinhändler heutzutage beschäftigen, welche Probleme in der Gastronomie gären und welche Sehnsüchte verschiedene Konsumentenschichten bewegen.

f.l.t.r. Paulo Salvador, Carlos Carreiras, Rui Falcão

By experts for experts…

All of these areas combined add up to a wine summit. Anybody who works professionally with wine will find new knowledge awaiting in Cascais, along with fresh inspiration and ideas for the future.

Renowned wine journalist Rui Falcão and television moderator Paulo Salvador will be posing the burning questions that confront the wine world of today.

To supply the answers, they have invited experts from all over the world.

Alice Feiring (USA) and Jamie Goode (UK) will be addressing the constellation of themes connected with Natural Wines.
Michelle Bouffard (Canada) will speak about her country’s unique marquee-players in the international wine pageant: Canada’s ice wines.
Paul Symington will be reporting on the opportunities and risks for venerable and traditional products in a market that ’s moving ever quicker.

Other speakers include Felicity Carter (Winebusiness International), Richard Halstead (Wine Intelligence), Stephen Li (Stephen Wine, Shanghai), Victor de la Serna (El Mundo) – and many others.

The conference centre is located only some 25 km from the Lisbon airport, where the coastal city Cascais will provide the summit with an idyllic and picturesque setting. The fee for participants is 920 Euros plus VAT. For early bookers (before 15 March), the cost will be only 620 Euro plus VAT. Tickets and additional information are available here:

Paulo Salvador
Rui Falcão





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