The Herbert & Carmen Zillinger estate is located in Ebenthal, about 70km northeast of Vienna. In 1998, the then twenty-year-old Herbert Zillinger took over his parents’ wine estate with seven hectares of vineyards. In 2005 his wife Carmen joined the operation, which the winegrower couple have been managing together ever since. Over the years, they have gradually been able to add to their vineyards – certified organic in 2015 – with promising parcels; they are not aiming for further expansion. They have been working according to biodynamic guidelines since 2016 and belong to the winegrowers’ association respekt-BIODYN, and their first certified vintage was 2017. Over the past ten years, the winegrower couple have expanded the estate in the southern Weinviertel and gradually reached an area of sixteen hectares under vines. The centrepiece is made up of vineyards in Ebenthal and the neighbouring town of Ollersdorf to the south, which feature very different terroirs. While Ollersdorf has a Pannonian climate, where the vines grow on limestone soils, loess & sandy loam, Ebenthal is much cooler, with soils of brown earth & loess.