In order to tell the tale of ‘The New Douro’, one must first cast a glance back at the history of ‘The Old Douro’. Port has been produced there for more than 300 years, but the production of still wines first picked up momentum after the end of the Second World War. The winegrowers’ group ‘The New Douro’ came to life in 2004, thanks to Paul Symington, Dirk Niepoort and Cristiano van Zeller, with the goal of promoting still wines from the Douro Valley. This was seen as a paradigm-shift at a time when a new generation of young growers took the helm from their elders, and recognised in one another the opportunity for creating and developing synergy (rather than indulging in rivalry), in order to achieve a common goal – making first-rate still wines in the Douro! Thus, with ‘The New Douro’, a new era began in the long and storied history of the region’s wine trade.