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“Ask Wine&Partners.
They know how to do it.”
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Our services

We know where your ambitions lead,
and we’ll get you there.

We make good products famous.
But before that, we help bring them to life – because it is not only the press work that is essential to success, but also the background, the flavour and essence, the presentation, the nomenclature, pricing structure, distribution and timing.

We know the markets and the trends. We know the soft spots and where the hunger lies. Because for three decades now we have been doing exactly that: all across Europe and all over the world – gathering experience, maintaining networks, communicating, developing ideas and offering support.

Wine & Partners Dorli Muhr © Anna Stöcher
Wine & Partners Bibliothek © Anna Stöcher
Wine & Partners Ute Watzlawick © Anna Stöcher

You can call it…

  • Press work/public relations
  • Operational communications
  • Event organisation
  • Strategic development
  • Marketing concepts
  • Guidance and training
  • Product design
  • Sensory tech advice
  • USP definition
  • Business analysis

Or let’s just simply say:
We stand by your side, starting with a vague idea and lots of questions – all the way to international success.
No matter how small or large your project is.

Just ask us;
we know how it’s done.