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From soil to palate

In 29 days, and all around the world


It’s happening in less than a month now: the wine summit MUST–Fermenting Ideas will be opening on 7 June 2017 in Cascais, Portugal. Speakers from all over the world will be presenting analyses and suggesting solutions to the challenges of the present and formulating concepts for the wine business of the future. Along with addressing the evolving demands of viticulture, the conference will offer exciting ideas about wine marketing and communications, as well as presenting innovative possibilities for wine sales.

At the grand Congress Center by the famous Casino do Estoril and its garden, MUST-Fermenting Ideas' venue will evoke a contemporary interpretation of the world of wine.

Perspectives from all over the world

Interaction in and among the wine sector has also grown more global in nature; this will certainly make the presentations given by speakers from far-flung countries at ‘MUST – Fermenting Ideas’ all the more valuable. For example, Mariette du Toit-Helmbold from South Africa will be bringing her expertise in matters of tourism with her to the Atlantic coast of Portugal, Stephen Li will lead participants through the various winegrowing regions of China, while Paz Levinson from Argentina will speak about the challenges facing a sommelière.

Each speaker will also bring an outlook and overview to the summit that they have built upon wide-ranging, international experience: Australian native Felicity Carter, for example, lives in Germany when she is not travelling the world of fine wine for her reportage in Meininger’s Wine Business International. Professor Huiqin Ma teaches at China’s Agricultural University, having studied in Israel, South Africa and the United States, and worked on wine projects in Australia, Portugal and Chile. Speakers will be travelling to Cascais from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, to discuss and compare diverse perspectives and apply them to projections about the future of winemaking.

The town of Cascais invites all attendees to network at Wine Sunset By The Sea.

From the soil to the palate

Along with geographic variety, the summit features specialists drawn from a wide range of disciplines: from authority on varietal genetics José Vouillamoz to the tourism expert Natalia Velikova, all facets of the wine industry will be represented. The doyen of Port Paul Symington accompanies his decades of experience in wine production with a staggering wealth of experience in the international wine trade.

Cathy Huyghe collects data concerning the wine world for her company Enolytics, with which she can draw exact conclusions about wine buying & sales in the present, as well as offering projections for the future. Communications expert Lulie Halstead will provide information at the wine summit concerning how one might manage to reach the generation of ‘millennials’ with wine. And nobody knows better what is required in order to serve wine in the appropriate fashion than wine-educator and sommelier Geoff Kruth.

The opinions of veteran wine critics are in no way less interesting: New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov will give a talk on underappreciated grape varieties, while Spanish critic Victor de la Serna will be putting European wineproducing regions under the microscope. The trending topic ‘natural wine’ will be covered by Alice Feiring (USA) as well as Jamie Goode (UK). And there is bound to be a bit of controversy over questions like ‘is English sparkling wine better than Champagne’? (Matthew Jukes), or (Michelle Bouffard) asking ‘will Canada ever become known for something besides its Ice Wine’?

The MUST -Fermenting Ideas conference will take place 7-9 June in Cascais, Portugal only 15 minutes away from the airport in Lisbon. The charming coastal town Cascais provides an idyllic and picturesque setting for this summit meeting. The cost for the conference is 920 Euro plus VAT. Book before 31 May at a discounted price of only 720 Euro plus VAT!

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