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Common sense quarantine

Crisis management à la Post Lech


The Hotel Post Lech was also surprised by Corona. The entire town of Lech is under quarantine. The Moosbrugger family of hoteliers, together with their employees, are facing the crisis with creativity & human kindness. And despite all adversity, the Hotel Post remains in cordial contact with its clientele. Social non-distance on social media.

#mutmachen - Post Lech © Herbert Lehmann
Hotel Post Lech on the idyllic Arlberg is far from calm. © Herbert Lehmann

‘When we closed our hotel on 15 March, many employees immediately set out for home’, says Florian Moosbrugger, proprietor of Post Lech. However, twenty of the eighty-five employees remain in their position – involuntarily. Because the village of Lech was placed under quarantine. And even if this is lifted in the not too distant future, most will likely remain, since prospects of a flight to Spain, Portugal or Romania do not look good at all just now.

#mutmachen - Post Lech - Florian Moosbrugger © Herbert Lehmann
As an experienced hotel keeper, Florian Moosbrugger finds a workable way even in difficult situations. © Herbert Lehmann

Florian Moosbrugger now is faced with many new challenges. ‘I feel responsible for my employees who cannot leave Lech. It is important to me that, even in this difficult situation, they are given a task and can use their time in a productive manner – for example for further training, which we can offer them in-house and free of charge’, says the hotelier.

To make everyday life somewhat more livable, everybody contributes what they are good at. Daughter Violeta Moosbrugger, for example, is tutoring the spa manager Raluca in German. Raluca herself leads gymnastics exercises for the team, and physiotherapist Adrian provides fitness instruction. The intern Laura from Spain offers instruction in Spanish to interested employees, and even chef David Wagger – in a rare departure from custom – reveals some or other special recipe, like for cheese Spaetzle.

As a successful entrepreneur, Florian is used to thinking at least ten steps ahead. The next season will come – and it is important to keep in touch with the guests now. ‘It seems wrong to me to portray an idyllic picturebook world in Lech that just doesn’t exist at the moment. I prefer to tell folks how we really are and what we are actually doing’.

Hotel Post Lech’s ‘Weekly Plan’ combines all of this: via Instagram & Facebook, the Post stays in touch with its guests all over the world, shows videos and photos and relates how the employees are doing while they involuntarily stay at the 5-star hotel. ‘We are aware that the next few months will be an economically difficult time for those in our industry. But due to the fact that our business model is strongly based on the human qualities of the persons involved, we are optimistic and confident about the future’, says Florian Moosbrugger. Provided that official permission is granted, Hotel Post Lech will open its doors for the summer season on 19 June as planned.

If you would like to interview Florian Moosbrugger, please contact Wine & Partners, Bettina Bäck at or +43 664 150 72 82.

#mutmachen - Post Lech / Familie Moosbrugger © Herbert Lehmann
The Moosbrugger family, here in summer 2019, remains optimistic. © Herbert Lehmann
#mutmachen - Post Lech / Team Post Lech © Herbert Lehmann
Some twenty employees of Hotel Post are currently unable to leave Lech. © Herbert Lehmann (2019)
#mutmachen - Post Lech / Weekly Plan © Post Lech
The quarantine time is used productively...
#mutmachen - Post Lech / Deutschunterricht © Post Lech
...for example with German lessons. © Hotel Post Lech
#mutmachen - Post Lech / Zutaten Käsespätzle © Hotel Post Lech
...or learning how to prepare cheese spaetzle. © Hotel Post Lech

About the Hotel Post Lech am Arlberg:

The former post station was acquired by the Moosbrugger family in 1937 and developed into a hotel of exceptional quality. Post Lech has been a member of the international association Relais & Châteaux since 1976. Kristl Moosbrugger was the first woman to be named ‘Hotelier of the Year’ in 1990. In 2004, her son Florian was awarded the same title. The Hotel Post Lech now offers ninety-five beds in forty-eight rooms & suites, an extensive spa with an outdoor pool and a second indoor pool, which is reserved exclusively for children. An extensive & sensational remodeling in 2017 put a magnificent face on the legendary house. In the restaurant, hotel guests and other visitors can enjoy the fine dishes of chef David Wagger. With this, Hotel Post Lech is now coming closer to its original function as an inn for all travelers.

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