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New at Wine&Partners

Philipp Wittmann 2016 © David Maurer


Weingut Wittmann
Hall 14 Booth E 60

Philipp Wittmann is one of the most athletic personalities on the German wine scene. His Rieslings are among the most dynamic of all, and each year the limestony vineyard site Morstein produces a record-setting long distance runner of a wine. This year at ProWein Philipp will be presenting the first cask samples of his 2017 Estate Wine, as well as the 2016er Ortwsweine, which are rounding nicely into fine form. And his Pinot Noir 2015 is eager to make its first public appearance. Additionally, the Wittmann team will be introducing their totally new and refreshed labels – this booth will certainly draw a crowd, so please arrange an appointment with Anna Hochdörffer.


Weingut Blankenhorn
Hall 14 Booth A49

A young couple that has undertaken a big project: Martin Männer and Yvonne Kessler are the proud new proprietors of the Blankenhorn Estate, located in Markgräflerland in the extreme southwest of Germany. The way in which they are setting the legendary estate on a sound course for the future – and the astounding results they are achieving with single-vineyard Pinot Noirs – are yours to discover at ProWein. Please make an appointment with Anna Hochdörffer

Sean O'Callaghan Carleone


Tenuta De Carleone
Hall 16 Booth H61

This is quite the novelty: Sangiovese sorcerer Sean O’Calaghan (most recently known as the winemaker at Riecine) has established his own line of wines, and has entered into a partnership with the Austrian Tuscany-fanatic Karl Egger. The new project is located in Radda, in the Chianti Classico region, and bears the sonorous name Tenuta de Carleone. The wines they are growing there, vinified by Sean, encourage great expectations. The first samples from the new estate will be offered at ProWein, and we anticipate lengthy queues to taste. Please make an appointment with Caroline Derler.

Weingut Gebenshuber


Johannes Gebeshuber
Hall 17 Booth F07

Anybody who thinks of the Thermenregion (south of Vienna) as sleepy spa-country without any verve and élan has yet to encounter Johannes Gebeshuber. This circumspect winegrower has quite calmly – and without any undue fuss – developed a marvellous collection of complex and elegant wines, vinified predominantly from the indigenous grape varieties Zierfandler, Rotgipfler and Sankt Laurent. His wines from individual vineyard sites are worth a visit, without any doubt. Please arrange an appointment with Marcus Krall.


François Lurton
Hall 12 Booth D22

Bordeaux native François Lurton is a tireless winemaker. Wherever he goes he is always on the lookout for old vines, wanting to become acquainted with new terroirs. He represents the fifth generation of a Bordelaise wine dynasty, but Bordeaux grew too small for him quite early-on, and so in the past twenty years, François has developed several wineries in exciting regions: Chile, Argentina, Spain and France. Along with a fondness for indigenous vines in the different countries, as a Bordelais his lasting affection for Sauvignon Blanc remains very important. One might say that this variety is Lurton’s calling card, his raison d’être. Appointments, please, with Julia Ernst.

And our old favourites – with young ideas


Wine region Alentejo
Hall 10 Booth E22

Slow wines? Why do some wines require more time in the cellar than others? All of the wines that journalist and Portugal expert David Schwarzwälder is presenting in this workshop are more than ten years old. One of the highlights: a José de Sousa 1961, which winegrower Domingos Soares Franco will personally present, 20 March at 14.00. Registration is absolutely necessary, so please contact Caroline Derler. She will also have information for you concerning additional Alentejo presentations.


Hannes Sabathi
Hall 17 Booth D42

One might almost say that Hannes Sabathi was outgrowing the Südsteiermark. He actually has a couple wines with the inscription «Grazer Stadtwein» in his luggage! This is the first vintage of a new project – a Sauvignon Blanc and a Gelber Muskateller from the Kehlberg in Graz. Wines that do honour to the hometown with their cool elegance. Furthermore: 2015 was the seventh occasion in sixteen years that Sabathi has bottled a Sauvignon Blanc Reserve from the Kranachberg (designated «Grosse Lage» by the Steirische Terroir & Klassikweingüter). Please make an appointment with Bettina Bäck.


Groszer Wein
Hall 17 Booth F24

In 2012, the estate Groszer Wein (Markus Bach and Matthias Krön) made its start in Südburgenland – not only with great ambitions, but with great courage as well. Old vines on steep slopes provide the foundation for this successful project. Tender vinification and painstaking élevage – not to mention marvellous labelling – make these wines absolute phenomena! Their new Blaufränkisch Vom Riegl from the 2013 vintage was unfortunately, because of a horrific hailstorm, reduced in quantity by 90%. A rare wine, which has become quite radiant thanks to the extended period it spent maturing. Please make an appointment soon – before it’s all gone! Contact: Caroline Derler.


Domaines Kilger
Hall 17 Booths F14 & B42

Hans Kilger is a phenomenon. Last year he introduced his Styrian wines from Domaines Kilger, and this year he has yet another project to present, this one in Burgenland. Working together with master of the Blaufränkisch Uwe Schiefer, he has now established a red wine presence on the Eisenberg to accompany his treasures from Süd- and Weststeiermark. Christian Reiterer is the hand on the ladle with the Styrian wines: elegant and mineral-driven Sauvignon Blanc, surprisingly elegant Rosés and sparkling wines from the ancient indigenous variety Blauer Wildbacher. Uwe Schiefer has vinified a floral Blaufränkisch and a fullbodied cuvée for Domaines Kilger. Please make an appointment with Bettina Bäck.


Weingut am Nil
Hall 16 Booth H61

One should take a bit of time to enjoy a Saumagen like this… (A culinary delicacy that could best be described as German ‘soul food’, Saumagen is also the name of a famous vineyard in the Pfalz.) Because the deep loessic loam and limestony marl soils of this fabled site yield wines that are not meant for a brief encounter – if one wishes to understand the Kallstadter Saumagen, one should look at the wines’ longevity. For exactly this reason, the team from Weingut am Nil (led by cellarmaster Johannes Häge) is bringing, especially for us, four vintages of great character: 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. These are not listed in the official trade fair programme, and will only be served when one supplies the correct code word. For the countersign, please contact Anna Hochdörffer.


Douro Boys
Hall 10 Booth H11

The royal class of Port – and the classic question that comes with it: what exactly, makes a year Vintage? The Douro Boys – Cristiano, Tomás, Xito, Xico and Dirk – know the answer, and will illustrate it in the form of five vintage Ports from four decades. The seminar will be held on Monday at 13.00. The number of places is limited, and exclusively to those who register in advance with Andrea Schultes. And if you can’t obtain a place here, or perhaps would like to taste through the entire portfolio of the Douro Boys, then you’d best come directly to their booth in Hall 10 / G22-30. You can make an appointment here as well with Andrea Schultes.


Bodega Kaiken
Hall 9 Booth F77

From the country of bizarre landscapes, wild steppes and endless vistas… three new favourites in the three colours red, white and rosé. Winemaker Aurelio Montes Jr from Bodegea Kaiken in Mendoza will make the premiere presentation of his Brut Rosé NV, made from 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay. In addition, he will delineate the expansion of his Ultra Series with the Kaikan Ultra Merlot 2016, and present Kaiken Estate Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon (each 50%), harvested at 950 metres elevation in the Agrelo region of Mendoza. Please arrange an appointment with Brigitte Riener.


Destillerie Farthofer 
Halle 17 Stand A39

At Farthofer’s it’s all sloe these days… Slow? No, actually sloe, the blackthorn berry (Prunus spinosa). The exceptional Austrian stillman Josef Farthofer will be on hand at ProWein, presenting a commissioned work from his friend and importer in Singapore, Klaus Leopold: Leopold Organic Sloe Gin. Soft and herbaceous with a touch of sweet, low in alcohol and nicely balanced, with full-bodied flavour. Sunday and Monday from 16.00–18.00 the two of them will be serving their own new take on gin & tonic: ‘Leopold Sloe Gin Fever’. Register with Brigitte Riener.


Kellerei Tramin
Hall 15 Booth G71

Their bottling «Epokale» 2009 was one of wine’s biggest surprises in the year 2017. Resonance in the media for this exceptional Gewürztraminer, matured in the highest-elevation silver mining tunnels of Europe, ranged far and wide. Cellarmaster Willi Stürz will have a few bottles of this rare wine available for tasting at ProWein. In May, when the snow begins to melt at 2,000 metres above sea level, the next vintage, «Epokale» 2017 will emerge from the mines to see the light of day. Please make a tasting appointment with Ute Watzlawick.


Rubin Carnuntum Wine Estates
Hall 17

Carnuntum is cleared for takeoff! The small winegrowing region at the gates of Vienna wants to define its profile more clearly. The growers are working their with great passion to determine their finest sites that yield the most engaging wines, in order to bring their regional characteristics more clearly into the glass in the future. Wine industry professionals will have the opportunity at the ‘single vineyard bar’ to place these wines from the individual sites under the microscope and compare thoughts about their future stylistic direction. Appointments with Anna Hochdörffer, please.


Viña Montes
Hall 9 Booth F77

The fame of this Chilean house is based on their Alpha-Series, wines that are beloved and prized in all 100 export markets. In the 30th year since the beginnings of the winery, founder and proprietor Aurelio Montes Sr now raises the stakes: he has expanded Alpha to include four new wines, named ‘Alpha Special Cuvée’. Behind the elegant black labels one finds Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grown in selected parcels. Of these, the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon will soon be available in Germany. Please arrange a tasting appointment with Brigitte Riener.


Hall 10 Booth F02–0

One becomes aware of a marvellous dynamism at work in the Douro River Valley. Young winemakers are developing their own brands, while existing operations introduce new single-vineyard wines, and the wine-tourism industry has – in grand style – made the great discovery of this remote valley. The Douro- and Port Wine Institute (IVDP) is right up to the minute on all this, and is making a more substantial presentation than ever before this year at ProWein: 542 square metres of exhibition space devoted to seventy-five producers and numerous master classes (such as ‘Port & Chocolate’ or ‘The well-known & the unknown Douro’) welcomes the visitors this year. For further information, or to register, please contact Anna Hochdörffer.


Angelika Pimpel-Artner & Gerhard Pimpel
Hall 17 Booth F02

That which had begun as ‘Carnuntum’s wine-wise cohabitation’ is now proceeding in a more regular fashion: for Gerhard Pimpel, the conversion to organic viticulture was a long-cherished desire. Support in this endeavour has developed in the form of his (now official) marriage partner Angelika, who has been cultivating her own vineyards organically for twenty years. The two can now bring their common experience and wisdom quite handily into the bottle and the glass. Side by side, they will be on hand to present their single vineyard wines from Carnuntum. Please make an appointment with Marcus Krall.


Muhr-van der Niepoort
Hall 17 Booth F06

There is a reason why the Spitzerberg – on the far eastern end of Austria’s winegrowing region Carnuntum – has been internationally recognised as an extraordinarily noteworthy site, and why the Blaufränkisch wines from this out-of-the ordinary limestone massif are now never left out of any sophisticated tasting. And it’s not even that the 2015er Spitzerberg from Muhr-van der Niepoort received the highest ratings – in any event, one can taste it for the first time at ProWein. Appointments, please, with winegrower Dorli Muhr.