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Gut Hermannsberg, Nahe are on the right track

Outstanding Riesling Series 2011 – and brand new: “Gut Hermannsberg Riesling Cristall”


What a great vintage! The 2011 Rieslings from Gut Hermannsberg by the River Nahe excel through their purity of fruit and vibrant mineral characters. Following the consistent high ratings from the 2009 and 2010 vintages, it seems that the current vintage wines are going to achieve both national and international accolades.

Gut Hermannsberg Blick aufs Weingut © Nils Weiler

The highly innovative and motivated owners, Dr Christine Dinse and Jens Reidel, have produced another surprise: a new Riesling. Gut HermannsbergCristall is an artisan, characterful and lively Riesling produced from grapes, picked from the prized Kupfergrube, Hermannsberg and the Traiser Bastei single-vineyards.

Just Riesling! This new characterful name jovially describes the well established Gutsriesling. It is great to enjoy and pairs wonderfully with light summer dishes.

Quality continues to improve

Throughout 2011, busy hands were at work at Gut Hermannsberg, and there was no time at all to rest. The vintage was highly promising, yet it brought a number of challenges with it, which coupled with the high level of quality of the wine estate and resulted in a concentrated work ethic in the vineyards. Yet the hard labour paid off. Thanks to Karsten Peter, Operations Manager and Chief Winemaker’smeticulous work, there was light at the end of the tunnel for what has become an outstanding 2011 vintage.
Riesling wines of such a brilliant purity and mineral character with delicate structure and freshness, have now been bottled. An exciting series of outstanding wines is ready to taste.

Karsten Peter’s comments on the new vintage

The 2011 vintage brings us a step closer towards our goal of becoming one of the best Riesling producers in Germany. The wines are proof of the developments in our wine estate. Our Rieslings reflect the characteristics of the vineyards now more than ever, and the wines have more depth, structure and display a clear profile”.
The optimum ripeness of the grapes from the 2011 harvest formed a great basis for the third vintage at Gut Hermannsberg. Meticulous labour in the vineyards led to the natural balance in each of the respective vineyards. This enabled the team to employ minimal intervention in the cellar.

Gut Hermannsberg Karsten Peter in der Lage Bastei ©Uwe Schiereck
Operations Manager and Winemaker Karsten Peter © Uwe Schiereck

The New Wine: Gut Hermannsberg Cristall

There shall be a new Riesling in the impressive Gut Hermannsberg portfolio from mid May, which will be crystal clear with vibrant mineral character. Gut Hermannsberg Cristall is positioned between the “Gutsweine” and the “Ortsweine”. “The new heart of Riesling from Gut Hermannsberg comes with purity, charity and focuses on the bare essentials”, explains Karsten Peter about the new Riesling produced at the estate. The grapes for the Gut Hermannsberg Cristall are picked from younger vines on the prized single-vineyards of Kupfergrube, Hermannsberg and Traiser Bastei, which are all part of the classified Erste Lagen vineyards at Gut Hermannsberg. The meagre, stony soils give the wine its distinctive mineral character.

Gut Hermannsberg Kupfergrube ©Uwe Schiereck
Grapes from the single vineyard Kupfergrube purify the new speciality "Cristall" © Uwe Schiereck

Just Riesling

The new Just Riesling! label simply shines out, but what is it all about? The Gutsriesling has been given the new name to best describe its character as being an easy drinking, approachable style of wine, with complexity and length. The grapes for Just Riesling! come exclusively from the “Erste Lagen” vineyards Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube, Hermannsberg, Niederhäuser Steinberg, Altenbamberger Rotenberg and Kreuznacher Gutental, giving the wine all that it needs to be: Just Riesling! A juicy Riesling with purity and delicate mineral structureand lots of freshness. The wine is perfect to enjoy with light Summer Mediterranean dishes.

Gut Hermannsberg Just Riesling ©Gut Hermannsberg
The Gutsriesling has become a new name: "Just Riesling!"
Gut Hermannsberg Christine Dinse Jens Reidel ©Gut Hermannsberg
Dr. Christine Dinse & Jens Reidel © Gut Hermannsberg
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