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There’s a good side to everything as well...

Trip is booked, fair is cancelled – what now?


The flights are booked and the hotel is paid for.
But postponement or cancellation of the big event does not necessarily mean that all is lost.

Wine&Partners ProWein 2020 abgesagt – und jetzt?

Of course we are here for you…

…and can assist with the individual planning of an alternative programme! A tasting of wines from international wine estates; perhaps a visit to one or another German producer – we will help where we can, to bring things to a good and satisfying conclusion. Just click, and we’ll do the rest.

How does your plan look now?

YES, I’m coming in spite of everything, and look forward to an alternative directly in Düsseldorf

YES, I'm coming anyway and would like to visit two to three wine estates in Germany

NO, I am not leaving the house and have stocked up on canned goods.

NO, I already replaced the ProWein days with other appointments.