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Farthofer provides pure alcohol to fight infection

A Clean Solution


Fruit brandies, whiskey, gin & rum are not very much in demand at the moment. Josef & Doris Farthofer – who make their living from the sale of noble distillates – are witnessing an unprecedented slump in demand at their »Mostelleria« in Öhling in the Mostviertel. But despite this, the entrepreneurial couple is now making an important contribution to the crisis: disinfection.

Demand dwindled appreciably, practically overnight. In Austria as well as abroad, where the Farthofers sell more than half of their distillates.

But just a day later, Doris & Josef Farthofer have gotten an idea of ​​how they can make a positive contribution to the crisis. ‘In area pharmacies, alcohol for disinfection has become a scarce commodity. We received calls from every direction – from companies that wanted to protect their employees as well. Thank goodness: we were able to help out with some top- quality wheat distillate’.

#mutmachen - Destillerie Farthofer / Bio Alkohol © Destillerie Farthofer
Classy & clean: pure alcohol for disinfection © Destillerie Farthofer


The Farthofers learned from the media that the shortage existed not only around Amstetten, but that disinfectants had already sold out across the country, as the first wave of panic buyers cleaned out the pharmacies. They said to themselves, ‘We can help’, and together with their employees developed a small spray bottle that is filled with 100ml of pure 75% alcohol.

‘Just please don’t drink it’! warns Doris Farthofer with a laugh. ‘We have a lot of other items that are not so strong, and are really tasty’.

The ‘Pure Alcohol’ spray bottle from Farthofer can be ordered in their online shop at a price of 8.90 €: www.destillerie-

Fruit distillates, whiskeys, gin and rum as well …

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