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The SOMM360 World Congress announces next chapter for 2020


After attracting 300 leading international sommeliers and wine professionals from over 20 countries for the Somm360 World Congress in 2018, the next chapter will be held from September 27 to October 1, 2020 in Montreal, Canada. Due to the overwhelming success and sold out first congress, the organizer will double the space to provide an even more creative experience.

The Conference | Photo © Krystel V Morin

Somm360 provides a one-of-a-kind educational platform offering seminars with international experts, tasting workshops and above all an opportunity to exchange on the industry. It completely covers the 360-degree spectrum of the sommelier, because, besides wine, the focus is also on sake, spirits, tea, coffee and more. The genesis of what can be expected is captured in the newly released Somm360 Magazine as well as in the below video.


The goals are to support and assist sommeliers and wine industry professionals from all over the world with continuing education as they pursue various types of accreditations (MS, MW, WSET, etc.) and train for sommelier competitions. In addition, Somm360 provides a peer-to-peer mentoring network to help sommeliers keep their passion in this demanding and ever-changing hospitality industry.

The Somm360 World Congress 2020 consists of three parts: The Conference, The Somm360 Development Program (ex-Bootcamp) and The Wine Experience.

The Conference
From 27 to 29 September 2020, at The Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay, 360 sommeliers and wine professionals from 25 countries will come together to taste, learn, and grow from 20 different topics on the sommelier world to improve their knowledge. A special price is offered now for the first 100 tickets. The full program will be released during spring 2020.

The Somm360 Development Program (SDP)
The SDP offers a unique 5-day Sommelier competition training program. In addition to the Conference and the Wine Experience, it gives the sommelier-athlete the opportunity to get specific training sessions and mentoring held by leading experts in the world. Furthermore, the participants will be provided with the necessary tools to further accompany and improve their professional development. In 2018, Marc Almert, the ASI Best sommelier of the World 2019 and Raimonds Tomsons, 3rd ASI Best sommelier of the World 2019, were part of this training program.

The SDP includes the ELITE CAMP (open for participants who have partaken in the Best Sommelier of the World competition before) and the ROOKIE CAMP (open for participants who have won Best sommelier of his/her country or many countries like the Nordics, Baltics, etc. OR other sommelier competitions but never participated at the Best Sommelier of the World competition). Applications are open now and will close on January 31, 2020.

The Wine Experience
The grand finale of the Somm360 World Congress will be held at La Scéna of the Port of Montreal on October 1, 2020. During this evening, wine lovers will have the opportunity to meet and watch the top sommeliers from the Somm360 Development Program in training being challenged in different real restaurant tasks. On top, the evening will offer an interactive and creative tasting activity including some exquisite wine pairings and more!

More details about these three parts can be found online at

The 22 participants and mentors of the first Somm360 Development Program | Photo © Jean Bernard
The Wine Experience | Photo © Krystel V Morin

The Somm360 World Congress 2020 can count already on the support of a select group of top industry professionals as ambassadors: Marc Almert (Somm360 Guest of Honor, Baur au Lac, Switzerland), DJ Kearney (CAPS BC, Vancouver), Ferran Centelles (elBulli Foundation, Barcelona), François Chartier (Créateur d’harmonies, Barcelona), Guillermo Cruz (Restaurant Ambivium, Spain), Jasper Sun (Wine Universe by Little Somms, Shanghai), Linda Milagros Violago (Grazing a Trail, Winnipeg), Michael Sager (Sager+Wilde, London), Morgan Harris MS (Angler, San Francisco), Paz Levinson (Groupe Pic, Paris), Rajat Parr (Domaine de la Côte, Lompoc), Veronique Rivest (Soif Wine Bar, Quebec) & more to be announced soon.

Thanks to the support of leading winegrowing organizations and companies for being part of the Somm360 World Congress 2020 : Austrian Wine, Japan Sake and Shochu Association, Masi, Maison M. Chapoutier, Wines of Germany, Les Domaines Paul Mas, Premium Estates of Austria, Coravin, Familia Torres, Cossette and more to come.

Somm360 is proud to announce a special collaboration with Familia Torres to help reduce the event’s carbon footprint. Familia Torres has developed the forest stewardship and the reforestation of natural spaces is part of the Familia Torres’ commitment to look after the Earth and conserve the environment. This commitment is reflected in the Torres & Earth program, the main aim of which is to reduce the winery’s carbon footprint to mitigate the effects of climate change. Next year, Familia Torres will compensate the CO2 emissions of our event by replanting trees in Patagonia.

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About SOMM360

SOMM360 is a platform for every sommelier seeking perfection through continuous education and training for competition. In November 2018, more than 300 wine professionals from 25 countries came together for the first major event in Montreal, Canada. In 2019, SOMM360 heads out on the SOMM360 BOOTCAMP WORLD TOUR, with stops in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Shanghai, among others. SOMM360 WORLD CONGRESS will be held again in Montreal, Canada, from September 27 to October 1, 2020.

All information and program points can be found here: