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Austria’s most exciting wine tasting from 5–9 September

Austrian Single Vineyard Summit 2022


All over the world, there are special vineyard sites that fascinate winegrowers and inspire them to vinify exceptional wines. In Austria, the development toward wines expressing a specific sense of origin is particularly dynamic at the moment. The Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (ÖTW), the winegrowers of Eisenberg & Leithaberg, the Steirischen Terroir- und Klasssikweingüter (STK) and the Vinea Wachau differ in regional characteristics & expression, but they share one objective: to offer a conjoint platform to the finest wines of Austria, which have grown in individual vineyards (Rieden) rich in character – from 5th through 9th September 2022 at Grafenegg Castle.

Single Vineyard Summit

Participants will be offered an all-round portfolio of extraordinary variety. Small though Austria may be, its wine scene is as diverse as the regional conditions under which wine is produced in that land. From cool Riesling territory to Pannonian-continental red wine vineyards, from mineral-intense & meagre soils of primaeval rock to deep loess, Austria’s regionally typical wines all distinguish themselves from each other in an impressive fashion. And so it is well worth taking a much closer look at the individual vineyard sites.

For this event, five winegrowers’ organisations have come together: for one, the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (ÖTW) from the Danube River regions Kamptal, Kremstal, Traisental, Wagram, Wien & Carnuntum, who pioneered the classification of vineyards in Austria with their Erste Lage wines.
Also on hand this year, participants will find producers from the Burgenland winegrowing regions Eisenberg & Leithaberg, so the Single Vineyard Summit will gain even greater stylistic bandwidth. Beyond, the association of Wachau winegrowers, the Vinea Wachau (Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus), founded in 1983, is taking part for the very first time this year.

At the same time, all the winegrowers have a common objective: to provide a common stage for the most exciting wines in Austria, grown in vineyards rich in character: 5 to 9 september 2022 in Grafenegg (Niederösterreich).

Single Vineyard Summit

Created by experts for experts
The tasting of the single-vineyard wines has been organised exclusively for industry specialists. As a restaurateur, sommelier, journalist or wine merchant, you can attend the Single Vineyard Summit after booking your place in advance.

When registering, please provide your name, company, nature of your activity and mobile telephone number. You will then receive confirmation of your registration.

Travel expenses and the cost of overnight accommodations are to be borne by the attendee. We will be providing lunch each day from 5-8 September in Grafenegg. Of course, we offer perfectly executed silent tasting slots, where you can taste the single vineyard wines in a calm setting, at your own pace.