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Famous vineyards and a great vintage: Groszer Wein presents its current single-vineyard releases from the Eisenberg in Südburgenland

‘Szapary’ and ‘Saybritz’


2015 gets off to a rousing start with an auspicious introduction! The 2012 vintage releases of the Groszer Wein Estate’s single vineyard Blaufränkisch wines Szapary and Saybritz are now available.

Groszer Wein Saybritz © Groszer Wein
Blaufränkisch Saybritz 2012 (c) Herbert Lehmann

Names that are barely pronouncable – but behind them stand two great personalities of the Blaufränkisch variety from the world-famous Eisenberg in Südburgenland. After winning enthusiastic praise for their previous vintage from the wine critics, the second vintage from the young estate Groszer Wein was awaited with excitement and suspense – and the results have exceeded all expectations. Anybody who wants to snag a bottle of these cool-climate elixirs from the Eisenberg had better act fast!

Two great expressions of Blaufränkisch from the Eisenberg

‘The first vintage was sold out almost as soon as it was released. We were deliriously happy, because our two single-vineyard wines were so well received,’ says cellarmaster Markus Bach, recalling the way the first two single-vineyard Blaufränkers from the 2011 vintage were welcomed by the wineloving public. The demanding Mr Bach finds, however, that the 2012 vintage currently being released is even one grade better in quality: ‘There’s just more of the Eisenberg in the bottle…’ The wines’ inherent freshness comes from the special climate here, the Pannonian-Illyrian climate of the Eisenberg. These wines are two dream-come-true opportunities for immediate gratification that could also mature beautifully in the cellar.

Groszer Wein Szapary © Groszer Wein
Blaufränkisch Szapary 2012 (c) Herbert Lehmann

Szapary Blaufränkisch 2012: elegant and delicate

Their parcels in the vineyard site Szapary are the steepest and therefore the most difficult to cultivate hillsides on the Eisenberg. Here the soils are composed of rather porous slate, and thus the Blaufränkisch vine brings forth its most filligreed and generous wines, wines that are redolent of cherry and blackberry aromas and flavours. Thanks to the vintage 2012’s ideal weather conditions, this vineyard gave us a wine that is at once profound, elegant and feminine in its aromas. On the palate, Szapary shows its marked spicy notes, followed by an almost salty finish. The grapes were painstakingly harvested by hand, then picked-over once more on the sorting belt. The grapes were lightly crushed before being fermented on the skins, then after a maceration period of three weeks the wine was pressed and placed into 1600 litre wooden casks for maturing. After aging for 22 months in cask, the wine was bottled without filtration in September 2013.

Saybritz Blaufränkisch 2012: multi-layered and fullbodied

The vineyard site Saybritz is a steeply sloping parcel of land on the southwestern side of the Eisenberg. This site enjoys an extremely unique microclimate: sunny with constant ventilation and soils composed of rocky brown earth and slate – these factors together are responsible for the wine’s distinctive and typical minerality. Masculine and exotic, well chiselled though slightly untamed, with an impressive structure of acidity and racy tannins, the 2012 Saybritz is a wine-personality that could only come from the Eisenberg. After harvesting the grapes were lightly crushed before spontaneous fermentation on the skins began. After a maceration period of four weeks, the wine was pressed. Half of the wine was aged in 1600 litre casks, while the rest was placed in used 225 litre barriques. After maturing for 22 months, the wine was bottled without filtration in September 2013.

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Retail price Saybritz 2012: 29.90 £
Blaufränkisch Szapary: winery direct

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