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Wines of Alentejo & Casa do Azeite presents:

Taste Mediterranean returns to London


The informative series ‘Taste Mediterranean’ recently made its second guest appearance in London. The Portuguese region Alentejo, at the very heart of the Mediterranean lifestyle, presented its wines and olive oils along with Alentejano culinary delicacies at the wine bar ‘Noble Rot’, London’s most fashionable address for fine wine. Peter McCombie MW and Teresa Zacharias were on hand to give master classes, showing selected wines and olive oils.

Alentejo 2016 Flaschen © Charmain Grieger

Alentejo DOC & DOP wines and extra-virgin olive oil

The Alentejo Regional Wine Commission, working together with the Portuguese olive oil producer’s association Casa do Azeite, issued an invitation at the end of June to ‘Taste Mediterranean’ in London. Guests & attendees included top influencers in the world of wine such as Steven Spurrier (Decanter), Charles Metcalf (, Margaret Rand (Imbibe), Anthony Rose (The Independent), Giles MacDonogh ( – and many more.

‘I was impressed; not with the power I had expected from the wines, but above all with their freshness and lively character’, says Peter McCombie MW, who led tasters through two master classes. Participants as well spoke enthusiastically about the wines.

‘I was taken with the various styles of wine that could flourish within a single region. It was interesting to note that the northern part of the Alentejo was cooler and the south somewhat warmer, and that different grape varieties are planted in the various subregions of the Alentejo. I noticed also that the wines are not so heavy as they formerly were; they show a clear tendency toward lighter textures with a great deal of freshness, less alcohol, and – quite noticeably – less oak,’ opined Anthony Rose (The Independent), speaking about the wines presented during the tasting.

Steven Spurrier (Decanter) went on record, saying. ‘I find the white wines very refreshing; they beautifully demonstrated their Mediterranean heritage and quality, showing a certain sense of saltiness and freshness’.

The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ was declared an ‘intangible world cultural heritage’ in 2011 by UNESCO. Wine and olive oil are thus the core products for the campaign ‘Tasting Mediterranean’ begun last year, conducted by the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission in cooperation with the Portuguese olive oil association Casa do Aziete. Next stop for the series ‘Taste Mediterranean’ will be the Bavarian capital Munich in the autumn; there is a further tasting planned for London in 2017. More information is available at

Should you have journalistic interest in the oils or the wines, please contact c.derler@wine&

CVRA – Comissão Vitivinícola Regional Alentejana – Alentejo Regional Wine Commission

The Alentejo Wine Commission was founded in 1989 as a private interprofessional organisation serving public goals. It defines the strategic guidelines for the region along with guidelines concerning viticulture and wine production. The commission’s goal is the maintenance, marketing and protection of the designations of origin DOC Alentejo and Alentejano Regional (IG). The CVRA constitutes the certification authority for all wines from the Alentejo. All wines that are certified by the CVRA carry a quality seal integrated into their back labels.

Casa do Azeite

‘Casa do Azeite’, the Portuguese olive oil producers’ association, is a private organisation that promotes the interests of its members. The group’s mission is to support olive oil producers and bottlers, and to enhance the image of fine quality Portuguese olive oil. The association brings quality olive oils and consumers together.

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