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trinkreif tastes with Social Distancing

Tele-Tasting live with Winegrowers


So now they are cancelled, all the lovely events. The tastings of select wines, the round tables of rarities… Instead, we find ourselves sitting at home staring at the screen all evening.

But we can become connected, thought Clemens Riedl and Markus Inzinger. They call the result trinkreif Tele-Tasting

Trinkreif Teletasting © Lionel Favre #mutmachen
Tele-Tasting, illustrated by trinkreif Artist of the Year 2016 Lionel Favre

A short time ago it would have seemed utopian, but in our current situation it is almost logical: a tasting with the producer, not in the same room, but rather via video conference.

trinkreif, the Viennese merchant specialising in particularly fine and mature wines, makes it possible that wine lovers can further develop their palates and increase their knowledge even in this time of crisis. You order the wines in advance, cool them down, make yourself comfortable in your isolation at home with glasses & spittoon & corkscrew – and then connect online with the winegrower, who then leads you through the evening with stories and comments: questions answered, nuances of flavour explained, curiosity satisfied.

For each tasting, the trinkreif team will put together a separate package (150 euros), which sill be delivered in advance. Participation is limited to twelve persons per live session. Registrations are now being accepted.

Registration and all relevant information at:

Tastings with sommeliers on certain topics are also offered. All information can be found here on the trinkreif website: www.trinkreif-at./sommelier-tastings

Trinkreif Clemens Riedl und Markus Inzinger 2019 © Niklas Stadler
Clemens Riedel & Markus Inzinger are employed in the IT sector © Niklas Stadler

About trinkreif:
The passion for matured wines; that was what originally brought Markus Inzinger and Clemens Riedl together. For the two IT professionals, wine is ‘the most beautiful avocation in the world’. They opened a premium garage-wine-merchant with the name trinkreif in 2015, which specialises in wines that are exactly that: trinkreif (ready to drink). Because they want to share the opportunity to drink mature wines at a good price-performance ratio, and are thus perfectly in tune with the times.

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