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More than just wine...

The Douro Boys build a stage


Splendid cakes and pastries baked according to old monastery recipes, delicious almonds, authentic sheep- and cow’s milk cheeses, fine air-dried hams and hearty sausages, delicate marmalades, elegant olive oil ­– plus teas, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables…
All of these items are produced in the Douro Valley, which is really only famous for its wines. But that is about to change! Because the Douro Boys are diligently at work, making the fine comestibles of their homeland better known as well.

The Douro Boys invited more than 25 artisanal producers to present and sell their wares at the second ‘Feria do Douro’. One thing in common: they all exclusively offer regional products, most of them prepared according to traditional and authentic recipes. This year’s Feira do Douro (25 & 26 June) took place at the Quinta de Nápoles (Niepoort). The landmark winery amid the picturesque landscape – itself declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO – presented a marvellous backdrop for the regional marketplace.

Douro Boys Feira do Douro Presunto 2016 ©Jorge Simao
Lovely ham and cheese from the Douro Valley © Jorge Simao
Douro Boys Feira do Douro Cheese 2016 ©Jorge Simao
Douro Boys Hauptspeise 2016 ©Jorge Simao
Delicious dishes from Rui Paula und Vitor Mattos © Jorge Simao
Douro Boys Vorspeise 2016 ©Jorge Simao

Pop-Up-Wellness and Restaurants…

Along with the insider-tip producers from the Douro Valley, there were also two top chefs represented at the Feira: Rui Paula (DOC, DOP, Casa do Chá) and Vitor Matos (Antiqvvm) devised delicious dishes from regional ingredients. Tasting stands with espresso and the trendy, recently rediscovered filter coffee enjoyed great popularity. And Fado singer Claudia Madur was once more impressive with her moving voice and creative stylings.

Douro Boys Feira do Douro Fado Singer 2016 ©Jorge Simao
Fado singer Claudia Madur © Jorge Simao
Douro Boys Feira do Douro Six Sense 2016 ©Jorge Simao
Six Senses Douro Valley and guests enjoying the Feira do Douro © Jorge Simao
Douro Boys Feira do Douro Guests 2016 ©Jorge Simao
Die Besucher auf der Feira do Douro © Jorge Simao

Below you find a list of restaurants and cafés:


Booínga Café

Douro Boys Dirk van der Niepoort, Christiano van Zeller, Francsico Ferreira, Tomás Roquette, Fransisco Olazabal ©Jorge Simao
Douro Boys, f. l.: Dirk van der Niepoort, Cristiano van Zeller (Quinta Vale D. Maria), Francsico Ferreira (Quinta do Vallado), Tomás Roquette (Quinta do Crasto), Francisco Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão) © Jorge Simao
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