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Douro Primeira Prova 2019

Last chance!


Buyers, journalists & sommeliers are all well aware how time-consuming it is to organise a visit to a wine region to get an overview of current availability. It is even more time-consuming (not to mention exhausting) if we are speaking of Portugal’s Douro Valley, with its dramatic landscape, narrow roads and substantial distances between the estates.

The New Douro: Douro Primeira Prova 2019
'So many of the country's finest table wines are made in the Douro that this, if you like, is the Bordeaux of Portugal.' – Jancis Robinson MW

This is precisely why Douro Primeira Prova offers such an extraordinary opportunity for those who want to better understand the enchanting landscape of the Douro and its wines: the twenty-six leading Douro producers are all bringing their wines together to a joint preview tasting. It will present an overall picture of the new vintage, before the wines are officially released. This silent tasting is open exclusively to wine professionals, and will take place from 3–5 June 2019 at Museu do Douro in Peso da Régua. All in one place. Tasters don’t need to manage any tedious & cumbersome planning themselves; they don’t need to drive perilously curvy roads from one Quinta to the next – nor do they need to look out for their own luncheon.

Participants simply need to arrive in Régua, sit down at a perfectly prepared venue, focus on sampling & evaluating the wines, and enjoy the professionally organised silent tasting. So, please – avail yourself of this final opportunity to register for Douro Primeira Prova 2019!

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The New Douro: Douro Valley © Duorum
'I love the uniqueness of the Douro’s terroir – the sheer natural beauty combined with incredible human intervention that built terraces for vines in what look like near-impossible circumstances.' – Tony Smith of Quinta do Boavista e Tecedeiras

Everything here is difficult…

The Douro River Valley – with its extraordinary history, its breathtaking scenery and its always-industrious individuals – is a unique patch of the planet. It offers such an intense variety of terrain that it never gets boring: quite the land of contrasts. There was nothing to suggest that such an inhospitable region would be a suitable place to bring together resilient agriculturalists, merchants from Oporto, Galician labourers to help build terraces, and then the English & Scots to establish the trade. All this is the work of mankind: the terraces, the slopes, landscaping the vineyards, planting the olive groves… The Douro offers an exceptional example of humanity’s unique relationship with the environment, one in which this synergy has produced a panorama of remarkable beauty. More than 2,000 years of viticulture have shaped the Douro Valley into an intricately terraced, vine-covered paradise with wine at the epicentre. Everything in the Douro is difficult. Yet, from this difficult land, some of the most stunning wines of the world are created. Wines which capture the best of two worlds: rich, complex and well-structured, like hot-climate wines – but at the same time they are fresh, elegant, vibrant and ageworthy like cool-climate wines.

‘In a world of vast vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, the Douro could not be more different: with incredibly low yielding vineyards of unique grape varieties such as Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca and Tinta Amarela, all producing wines with real identity and soul. Surely this is what wine lovers want: original, beautiful and unique wines with character and individuality that age superbly.’ – Paul Symington

The New Douro: Paul Symington © Symington Family Estates
Paul Symington © Symington Family Estates

Take this last opportunity: sign up now for Primeira Prova 2019!

The leading wine estates of Portugal’s Douro Valley have been working together for more than ten years as ‘The New Douro’. From 2019 on, they will host Douro Primeira Prova together, an exclusive tasting event for wine professionals only. It will showcase their most recent vintages, such as the 2018 white, rosé & sparkling wines, 2017 reds & vintage Ports. In total, some 150 wines can be tasted and evaluated in the format of a ‘silent tasting’. The event will take place at the Museu do Douro in Peso da Régua (approx 100 km east of Porto) from 3–5 June 2019 and wines will be presented by the growers. Fifty tasting places will be available over the course of three days in a total of six slots, each day from 9.00–12.00 & 13.00–16.00.

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The New Douro Wineries:
Casa Ferreirinha (Sogrape Vinhos) / Duas Quintas (Ramos Pinto) / Duorum Vinhos/ Lavradores de Feitoria / Poeira / Niepoort / Nova Quinta do Sagrado / Poças / Quinta da Boavista + Quinta das Tecedeiras / Quinta da Gaivosa (Alves de Sousa) / Quinta de São José / Quinta de la Rosa / Quinta do Crasto + Roquette&Cazes / Quinta do Noval / Quinta do Pessegueiro / Quinta da Romaneira / Quinta do Vallado / Quinta dos Murças/ Quinta Nova / Quinta Vale D. Maria / Quinta do Vale Meão / Real Companhia Velha / Symington /Prats & Symington / Vertice / Wine&Soul

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