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Support with the vineyard tasks?


Franz Regner is a trained agricultural economist. He knows that during this time of year many hands are needed to work in the vineyards that are about to bud – and that the borders are now closed for many foreign workers. In order to bring job seekers – for example from the retail trade or the shut-down hospitality industry – together with desperate winegrowers, he has launched the campaign # ernte2020sichern (Secure the 2020 harvest). Wine producers can now advertise free of charge on the online platform

Weingut Dorli Muhr; Prellenkirchen, Weinbaugebiet Carnuntum, NÖ (Austria)
The vineyards will soon be green. Before that, a great deal of manual labour is needed.

An advertisement on customarily costs 98 €. In order to constructively help with the current situation, ads can now be placed online with #ernte2020sichern free of charge. Advertisements are targeted to the physical area of the employer, so that, ideally, employees can be found within the region.

The website was created for the wine industry in 2012 and is now the leading wine job platform in German-speaking countries, with more than 4,400 registered job seekers and 1,800 employers. The platform is also available to vegetable and fruit producers.

Franz Regner März 2020 (c) Franz Regner

All employment ads are shared with many other meta-job portals as well as on social media, and the average daily traffic is around 9,000 visits.Franz Regner studied at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, has worked for many businesses around the world and gained enormous experience. In 2007 he founded agroVitis, a consultancy that coaches wine industry companies in the matters of long-term success & sustainability.

The decreed entry bans and border closures to and from neighbouring countries make it difficult for workers from eastern and southeastern Europe to get to their customary places of employment. This initiative is intended to help wine estates as well as vegetable and fruit growers in Austria & Germany to quickly and unbureaucratically find support in doing work that is urgently required.

Under the motto #harvest2020secure, Franz Regner and the team want to make a contribution to solidarity during the crisis.

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