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An Alliance Par Excellence

Vipava 1894 & Jeunes Restaurateurs


Enjoyment at the highest level was celebrated on November 19th in the restaurant Dvorec Zemono in Slovenia’s Vipava Valley. Here, 47 representatives of the Jeunes Restaurateurs and members of the media from all over Slovenia and Croatia gathered for the eagerly awaited presentation of the new wine line, LANTHIERI, from the Vipava 1894 winery. The host, Hannes Sabathi, winemaker and owner of Vipava 1894 and chef Tomaž Kavčič of the Dvorec Zemono, demonstrated a masterful interplay between wine and cuisine.

© Marijan Mocivnik
They demonstrated a masterful interplay: Hannes Sabathi, owner & winemaker of Vipava 1894 & chef Tomaž Kavčič of Dvorec Zemono © Marijan Mocivnik

“Like a phoenix from the ashes” is how Slovenian chef Tomaž Kavčič has been referring to the development of the tradition-steeped neighbouring winery, Vipava 1894, ever since it was taken over in the Fall of 2017 by Hannes Sabathi, the winemaker from Südsteiermark (South Styria) in Austria, and his team. Also since then, the primary ambition of the winery has been to strive for, and maintain, only the highest quality.

“Our vision is to vinify the best wines that the region can produce – authentic and with a distinct origin character,” Sabathi said to his guests, including top chefs Uroš Fakuč, DAM restaurant, Jure Tomič, Ošterija Debeluh and Tadej Gašparin, Restaurant Pikol from Slovenia. Marina Gaši, Davor Bursic, Restaurant Marina, Teo Fernetich, Restaurant San Rocco, Deni Srdoč, Restaurant Draga die Lovrana, Saša Began, Restaurant Foša, Matija Breges, Leo Aličević, Restaurant Boškinac, Daniela Gajski, Tihomir Purisic, Restaurant Dubravkin put and Marko Škarica, Cyntia Vucaj and Robert Benzia, Restaurant Ariston from Croatia.

© Marijan Mocivnik
An Alliance Par Excellence – members of Jeunes Restaurateurs from Slovenia and Croatia with the team of Vipava 1894 at Dvorec Zemono. © Marijan Mocivnik

9 Lanthieri
2017 was the first vintage under the direction of the Styrian maestro winegrower. And impressively, the 9 Lanthieri are proving their class already after the first year: they demonstrate wonderfully precise characteristics of origin and convey an authentic Vipava taste profile characterised by the calcareous marl soils of the valley and the exciting conditions spawned by the convergance of Mediterranean and continental climates.

Malvazija Lanthieri 2017 – 8.17 Euro*
Pinela Lanthieri 2017 – 9.27 Euro
Zelen Lanthieri 2017 – 10.00 Euro
Chardonnay Lanthieri 2017 – 9.58 Euro
Sivi Pinot Lanthieri 2017 – 10.31 Euro
Sauvignon Blanc Lanthieri 2017 – 9.03 Euro
Barbera Lanthieri 2017 barrel sample – 10.25 Euro
Merlot Lanthieri 2017 barrel sample – 11.22 Euro
Cabernet Sauvignon Lanthieri 2017 barrel sample – 11.47 Euro
(* at the winery)

© Vipava
Photo:© Studio Ajd

Jakob Blaschitz, the managing director of Vipava 1894, commented about the special evening: “We’re very pleased about the great interest in our new wine line. It confirms that we’re on the right track with our ambition to vinify wines that reflect the region at the highest level. This makes us very proud to send our beautiful products with the name Vipava out to the world.”

© Marijan Mocivnik
© Marijan Mocivnik
Presentation of the new wine line, LANTHIERI, from the Vipava 1894 winery on November 19th at Dvorec Zemono.
© Marijan Mocivnik


About Lanthieri:
Lanthieri – once upon a time, before approximately 15 years ago, the best wines from Vipava 1894 bore this name, which refers to the noble family who’ve resided in the Vipava Valley since the 16th century. Their palaces, most of them now for public use, bear witness to a magnificent past as meeting places for nobility, politicians and the clergy. It is thanks to the Lanthieri family that Vipava had experienced a tremendous economic boom and became known far beyond its borders.

Vipava Valley is the cradle of Slovenian viticulture. The winery located here was founded in 1894 and is today the oldest in the country. In recent years, the winery had faced significant economic challenges. But the increasing concern for its existence came to an end when the renowned South Styrian winemaker, Hannes Sabathi, and his business partner, Michael Blaschitz, acquired the winery shortly before the 2017 harvest. The operational management of the winery was taken over by the experienced businessman with both Carinthian and Slovene roots – Jakob Blaschitz.

Known for his down-to-earth wines, Sabathi has a vision also for Vipava 1894 – a vision shared by his Slovenian-Austrian team as well – which is to vinify the most authentic wines possible from the valley. In this great project, the 300 valley wine growers are the most important partners and allies of Hannes Sabathi. To ensure that the grapes meet Sabathi’s high quality standards by harvest time, the farmers are consulted throughout the year. The winemaker from Styria, as well as the farmers who’ve been cultivating grapes here for generations, contribute all their know-how together. The result of this close cooperation is impressive. The new labels for the winery’s top wines are written in the Slovene and German languages while visually expressing this important cooperation and mutual appreciation.


Jeunes Restaurateurs Slovenia:
– Uroš Fakuč, Restavracija Dam, Nova Gorica
– Jure Tomič, Ošterija Debeluh, Brežice
– Gregor & Alenka Vračko, Hiša Denk, Zgornja Kungota
– Valter Kramar & Ana Roš, Hiša Franko, Kobarid
– Kseniia & Martin Mahorčič, Gostilna Mahorčič, Rodik
– Marko & Katja Pavčnik, Pavus – grad Tabor Laško, Laško
– Maruška & Tadej Gašparin, Restavracija Pikol, Nova Gorica
– Uroš Štefelin, Vila Podvin, Radovljica
– Tanja & Damir Pintarič, Gostilna Rajh, Bakovci
– Boštjan Rakar, Gostilna Rakar, Gorenje Ponikve
– Janko Franetič & Tomaž Bevčič, Rizibizi, Portorož
– Ana & Nina Justin, Skipass restaurant, Kranjska Gora
– Tomaž Kavčič, Dvorec Zemono Gostilna Pri Lojzetu, Vipava

Jeunes Restaurateurs Croatia:
– Ivan Badurina, Restaurant Badi, Umag
– Mirela & Boris Šuljić, Boškinac, Novalija
– Sanja Nikolac, Draga di Lovrana, Lovran
– Daniela Gajski, Dubravkin Put, Zagreb
– Saša Began, Foša, Zadar
– Marina Gaši & Davor Buršić, Marina, Novigrad
– Danijel & Tjitske Dekić, Monte, Rovinj
– Rudolf Štefan, Pelegrini, Šibenik
– Fabricio Vežnaver, Pergola, Savudrija
– Daniela Kramarić, Plavi Podrum, Volosko
– Rudolf Papac & Marijo Curić, Restaurant 360, Dubrovnik
– Teo Fernetich, San Rocco, Brtonigla-Verteneglio
– Cyntia Vučaj, Villa Ariston, Opatija
– Antonella Zigante, Zigante, Livade

For more information about Jeunes Restaurateurs, please contact:
For Slovenia – Violeta Mencinger at or +386 41 931 669
For Croatia – Irina Ban at or +385 99 3473 321

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