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Putting Vipava Valley in the bottle

A new line from the cooperative winery Vipava 1894


The Slovenian cooperative winery Kellerei Vipava 1894 has just launched a new line of wines bearing the resonant name «Lanthieri», and in doing so taken their first step into a brilliant future. Pinela, Zelen, Malvazija and Sauvignon Blanc are the first varietal representatives of the Lanthieri series from the 2017 vintage – the top of the estate’s quality pyramid.


The four «Lanthieris» are unmistakable offspring of the Vipava Valley. They exhibit a wonderfully precise character of origin and transmit an authentic flavour-image of Vipava – deeply characterised by the calcareous marl soils of the valley combined with the exciting confluence of Continental and Mediterranean weather systems. And of course this quartet would not be complete without appearances from the indigenous grape varieties of the valley, Zelen and Pinela, for these two bottlings coming exclusively from the village of Slap. All four wines were vinified in steel tank.

An impressive series: the «Lanthieris» from Vipava 1894 © Marijan Močivnik

2017 Pinela Lanthieri

The characteristically prominent tannin of the grape variety expresses itself elegantly in a concentrated core and an extremely firm structure. These seemingly stern features are accompanied, though, by a vivacious juiciness, silky elegance, smooth spices and vigorous acidity. The wine is reminiscent of a spicy example from the Pinot family, with thrilling dynamic tension. A wine with great potential.
From the winery: 9.27 Euro

2017 Zelen Lanthieri

Zelen reflects its typical green colouristic nuances, simply glistening in the glass. The aromaticity of the variety is reminiscent of Muscat spices. The vines, up to sixty years of age, provide attractive tannins and tightly woven structure to the wine.
From the winery: 9.90 Euro

2017 Malvazija Lanthieri

The best Malvazija grapes from the Vipava Valley were selected for this Lanthieri. The wine is marvellously accessible and prances playfully on the palate, but exhibits plenty of depth and ends with a vibrant finish of mineral salts.
From the winery: 8.17 Euro

2017 Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon shows off the warmer aspects of the variety in a handsome way. The southern climate coaxes profound nuances of fruit from the Sauvignon; dark spices with juicy richness and solid presence on the palate as well as a long and spicy finish. A wine with great aging potential…
From the winery: 8.90 Euro

From the master’s hand. Under the oenological direction of winegrower Hannes Sabathi from Südsteiermark in Austria, Vipava 1894 has opened a new chapter. There is great potential slumbering in the soils of Vipava. I am excited and filled with awe at this exciting undertaking, to bring this potential to expression in our wines, says winegrower Sabathi. © Marijan Močivnik


Lanthieri – once previously, some fifteen years ago, the best wines from Vipava 1894 had earned this name, and then as now referred to the eponymous noble family that has made their home in the Vipava Valley since the 16th century. Their palaces, most of which serve today as public buildings, testify to a splendorous past – these were the meeting points for the nobles, for families, for politics and spiritual activities. Vipava has the Lanthieris to thank for the huge economic upturn it enjoyed, and for its reputation, which even then extended far beyond the nation’s borders.

Striving together to attain the highest quality

The Vipava Valley is the cradle of Slovenian viticulture. The Kellerei here is the oldest such operation in the country, founded in the year 1894. In recent years the co-op was forced to struggle with significant economic hardships, but any trepidation concerning its continued existence was resolved when the renowned winegrower from Südsteiermark, Hannes Sabathi, acquired the winery together with his partner Michael Blaschitz shortly before the 2017 harvest. Operational management of the winery was assumed by the seasoned businessman Jakob Blaschitz, himself of mixed Slovenian and Carinthian heritage.

Well known for his near-to-nature wines, Sabathi also has the vision for Vipava of vinifying the most authentic and representative wines that the valley is capable of producing, working in concert with his Slovenian/Austrian team. There are currently some 300 of the valley’s grape growers who figure as Sabathi’s most important partners and allies in this vast undertaking. In order for the grape material to measure up at harvest time to Hannes’s high standards, the growers are coached and advised throughout the entire year. But the specific knowledge and experience of the locals, who have been growing grapes and making wine here for generations, is most certainly invaluable; this expertise combines itself in a complementary way with that of the Styrian master. The results of this close cooperation are truly impressive. The new labels for the top wines of the co-op are composed in Slovenian and German, in order to reinforce this togetherness of effort and reciprocal respect on the visual level as well.

The Lanthieri wines from Vipava 1894 are available from the Kellerei (Vinarska cesta 5, 5271 Vipava) as well as in the following Slovenian vinotheques:

Vinoteka Maribor, Betnavska cesta 31, 2000 Maribor,
Enoteka Štorija, Trubarjeva cesta 17, 1000 Lublijana
Vinoteka Dvor, Dvorni trg 2, 1000 Lublijana
Koželj Vinoteka, Moste 54, 1218 Komenda,
Vinoteka Solum, Bevkov trg 6, 5000 Nova Gorica
Trgovina Vipavka, Kromberška cesta 1, 5000 Nova Gorica
Vinoteka Faladur, Ajdovščina,
Vinoteka Sodček, Radovljica,
Zavod za Turizem, Vipava

You can find this press release in Slovenian here.

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