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World champion sommelier Marc Almert reports from his home office...

What does a sommelier do when there are no guests?


In Switzerland, the restaurants are closed until 19 April, all trips have been cancelled and the appointment diary pages are empty. Just like for all of us, the life of Marc Almert, ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019, has changed appreciably due to the Corona virus and the resulting measures.

Finally, some time for continuing education
Simply to research a topic extensively once more, without interruption… Or taste a flight of wines in a concentrated manner and taste them again next day… There is often not enough time for this in a hectic everyday life between restaurants, wine shops, seminars and international travel. In addition to an intensive training schedule for all Baur au Lac employees, which he developed together with his colleagues and which is now being implemented via video chats, Marc Almert uses his time for creatively adding to his store of knowledge. The current online tastings are very useful to him – like last week, for example, on the subject of saké.

Marc Almert Verkostung #mutmachen
Marc Almert Keller #mutmachen

Finally time to straighten up the wine cellar
Several bottles each from countless visits and wine tours tend to pile up just a bit. It is almost a pleasure to be in the home office for a few days and find time to tidy up and sort one’s own cellar. Half-forgotten treasures tend to turn up, just like bottles that bring memories of special moments. ‘When I came back to work as freshly crowned world champion, the employees welcomed me with applause. And the management gave me a special bottle of wine to celebrate. Of course, it has a special place here’, says Marc Almert, remembering a sentimental moment in his wine cellar.

Wine & food delivery
Restaurants are closed, but you don’t have to do without Baur’s delicacies. With Baur’s@Home you can now order numerous dishes, plus wines from the Marc Almert Selection for your home. In addition, of course, Baur au Lac Vins continues to deliver all wines in their programme free of charge. The world champion sommelier is hopeful: ‘Marc Almert Selection is a portfolio of wines, Sekts and dessert wines that I was able to discover on my numerous trips, which inspire me personally. I hope that this selection can bring a bit of joy and enjoyment in these difficult days’.

Marc Almert Selection #mutmachen

About Marc Almert
There’s hardly any sommelier so goal-oriented & focused as Marc Almert. When the native of Cologne, Germany was chosen as ‘ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019’, he became (following Markus del Monego MW) the second German and at twenty-seven years old one of the youngest world-champion sommeliers ever. Along with his duties as sommelier at the Michelin two-star Pavillon at Zurich’s world-famous Baur au Lac and its retail outlet Weinhandel Baur au Lac Vins – where he has also introduced his own exclusive ’Marc Almert Selection’ – Almert is also in high worldwide demand as a speaker. In addition, Almert is extremely active supporting the national and international community of sommeliers in the promotion & education of the next generation of specialists. He is clever, ambitious, eloquent, and spices this blend with a good portion of humour – marvellous qualities for a top-ranked sommelier.

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