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VieVinum 2018

Currently up for heated debate…

VieVinum! This means three days of a programme totally packed with tastings, seminars and thrilling encounters. Much more than one could ever hope to squeeze into such a short period of time. I would like to bring your special attention to the following presentations because of the highly sensitive issues they address, all currently red-hot topics for those in the wine sector.
Österreichische Traditionsweingüter. Michael Moosbrugger / Kamptal. Fritz Wieninger / Vienna. Gerhard Markowitsch / Carnuntum. © Herbert Lehmann (2), Steve Haider (1)

How significant is the ‘Riede’?

The classification of vineyards sites, which has occupied the growers’ association Österreichische Traditionsweingüter since 1992, is always good for a good argument. But this is often true because of a lack of familiarity with the situation. Michael Moosbrugger, chairman of the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter, will elucidate in detail how one can actually ‘quantify’ a vineyard site – the official Austrian term is Riede, Germany does not use the term – and thus evaluate its intrinsic worth.

What qualities and characteristics make the difference between a classified site and an Erste Lage site? And what, exactly, distinguishes those sites classed as Grosse Lage? In addition to presenting the determining criteria – as the centerpiece of this presentation – Moosbrugger will also introduce those wine growing regions that are becoming members of the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter as of autumn 2018: Fritz Wieninger will speak for Vienna, presenting the first Erste Lagen. Gerhard Markowitsch will represent Carnuntum – the first region where red wines are dominant that has joined this process of evaluation.

Sunday 10 June at 14.00 in the Metternichsaal
Presentation & discussion exclusively for press, hospitality industry and wine trade
Presented in English
Registration required:



Zweigelt = Blaufränkisch x St. Laurent © Sybille Dremel

Undervalued or nothing special? How Zweigelt polarises the public…

Many individuals love this variety, while others cannot bring themselves to like it at all. In any event, Zweigelt doesn’t leave anybody without an opinion. The grape variety is grown in almost all of Austria‘s winegrowing regions – from the Steiermark down south to Weinviertel in the north, and of course around Lake Neusiedl. Zweigelt articulates as many different personalities as there are points of origin, and then some…

In a blind tasting, we will research subjects of which soil, which climate and which methods of vinification yield the most satisfying results. Which stylistic interpretation offers the best prospects on the international stage? What does the future hold for the variety? These are exciting questions that our moderator Anne Krebiehl MW – who covers Austria for Wine Enthusiast magazine – will seek to answer, together with participating winegrowers and attendees.

Sunday 10 June at 9.30 in the Metternichsaal
Exclusively for press, hospitality industry and wine trade
Presentation in English
Registration required:



United by Blaufränkisch: producers from at least eight nations © Ralf Kaiser

Should Blaufränkisch taste like that?

It is not so very long ago that Blaufränkisch was dismissed as a rustic variety from the provinces, far removed from the mainstream of the wine world. But in recent years, this vine has won a significant measure of renown. Of course there is currently an animated discussion underway, concerning how one really ought to be working with this grape, and what ‘language’ Blaufränkisch should be speaking – as well as how open to interpretation the Blaufränkisch might be. Here, a marvellously comprehensive tasting offers answers to these questions, provided by winegrowers from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria – and even from the US wine growing region Finger Lakes in the state of New York!

Some sixty wine estates will be bringing their best wines with them, each from three different vintages. The tasting will offer a platform for the presentation of many variations on the theme, the nuances and various terroirs where this great Central European variety flourishes. Our presentation will also offer material for discussion and stimulating conversations with the individual growers about their vision, their passion and their personal relationship with the Blaufränkisch vine.

Saturday 9 June from 16.00–18.00 in the Metternichsaal
Exclusively for press, hospitality industry and wine trade
Registration required: